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The History of the Internet


An article in Romanian, called: “Could the Internet be used in the Service of God?” (Internetul in slujba lui Dumnezeu?),  states the real possibility of employing the Internet in the Service of the Creator of this Universe.

In the USA Orthodox Publication “The Word” (Antiochian) - May 2000 issue - 2 pages (# 22 & 23) are dedicated to the same topic,  titled: “Mining the Orthodox Internet”, by Rev. Fr. John Touloumes,  himself being affiliated to one of the leading Orthodox “portals” - The Orthodox World Links - web site ( 

We do greatly appreciate the above-stated article to be very informative and to the point. However, in as far as certain orthodox subjects (like: Iconography, churches on the net, publications, etc.) are concern, it is still very limited in scope, because it gives no information about the History of the Internet,  the tools to employ in surfing the Net,  Search Engines (just over 3,000 world-wide, as of May 2000) that one has to employ to help the “Internet visitor” surf  the Internet, which consists of over one billion web-sites (as of February 2000)  - opposite to the “300 million pages”  the article mentions, some web-sites having thousands of pages/each.    

Many people think that the Internet is a recent innovation, when in fact the essence of it has been around for over a quarter century. The Internet began as ARPAnet, a U.S. Department of Defense project to create a nationwide computer network that would continue to function even if a large portion of it were destroyed in a nuclear war or natural disaster.

         During the next two decades, the network that evolved was used primarily by academic institutions, scientists and the government for research and communications. The appeal of the Internet to these bodies was obvious, as it allowed disparate institutions to connect to each others' computing systems and databases, as well as share data via E-mail.

         The nature of the Internet changed abruptly in 1992, when the U.S. government began pulling out of network management, and commercial entities offered Internet access to the general public for the first time. This change in focus marked the beginning of the Internet's astonishing expansion.

         According to a survey conducted by CommerceNet and Nielsen Media Research in early 1997, nearly one out of every four Americans over the age of 16 is an Internet user. And the number of users worldwide is believed to be well into the tens of millions. Other statistics are equally startling:

         A CNN report stated that Internet traffic in 1996 was 25 times what it was just two years earlier.

The market research group IntelliQuest pegged the number of Internet users in the U.S. in late 1996 at 47 million - a 34 percent increase over the first quarter of that year.

According to IBM, 146 countries currently have at least some level of Internet access.

The technology research firm IDG estimates that by century's end, one billion people worldwide will have access to personal computers—more than doubling the computer-savvy population of 1996.

         The Internet explosion coincides with the advent of increasingly powerful yet reasonably priced personal computers with easy-to-use graphical operating systems. The result has been an attraction of recent computer "converts" to the network, and new possibilities for exploiting a wealth of multimedia  capabilities. We do recommend that for further details on the Internet's history, go to


How to use the Internet?


It is absolutely imperative to know how to surf the Internet. Without further coments, we just direct the reader of this article to go to the URL address:,

and get the proper knowledge of how to use the Internet in the Net surffing process. -  Mission Statement


Yomee’s primary objective, stated in its motto “We’re here to serve you”, is to aid millions of people in their quest of not only understanding, but utilizing the expansive information and knowledge that can be found on the Internet. It is a site that is educationally-oriented, formal, and unique, with brand new, innovative ideas. Yomee provides an alternative method of education, with the latest on scientific discoveries and research for home school candidates and the less privileged people in third world countries.

         Yomee also promotes family values using software like: Cyber Angels,  Blocking Software,  Cyber Patrol, Cybersitter,, X-Stop 2000,  to filter the indecent material and “junk mail” that can corrupt the minds of up and coming young learners of today’s society and by offering numerous sites with extensive research on family oriented materials.

         The R2000 software examines user requests within one thousandth of a second and will not degrade network performance as experienced with the traditional filtering technology.

Yomee also uses the conventional way of protecting children by helping parents lock-out any and all Internet & computer sites (using “user’s names & pass-words”) for the whole period of time they are not at home.

         With Yomee’s remarkable world coverage, the site  is able to bring international and global news within the realm of all users. Daily news, political, government news, and the economic news of various countries is available with just the click of a fingertip. Yomee is also dedicated in its quest of becoming an equal opportunity Internet provider, giving other countries the chance to catch up and be on an equal footing with the American Internet services.

         Yomee will be available to all age groups equally, and it will provide high quality, low cost Internet access to everyone. Access to Yomee’s home page and to the overall Internet service can be found at an amazingly low price. Yomee is also investigating the feasibility to set up endowments for servers to help 3rd world countries gain Internet access.

In their quest to help the users understand the product efficiently, Yomee has put a tremendous amount of time organizing the site in order to simplify and to provide clarity. In order to understand and use the product more quickly and easily, Yomee offers new features on a day to day convenience for quick reference, and a home page that can launch users into every session onto the Internet.

         Using the latest, cutting-edge technology and keeping the web site state of the art, Yomee is able to keep all information current and updated.

         As special features, will be able to present, via Internet the World’s Greatest Concerts (including, but not limited to Las Vegas’s Classics and “Variety Shows” ) as well as religious services, special group meetings - the first in the history of Internet - viewed  on the Yomee/TV monitors.

 - THE Search Engine  & Orthodox Directory


For over a year, since January 1999, the Yomee Corporation Executive Board coordinated the team of 10 Internet experts, researchers, web site designers, computer programmers, developed its Los Angeles department of research and operations, a specific Internet Web site directory,,  with a selective content of menu (pro-education, family and global business characteristics), with unique software and search engine features complimented by Internet providing Services. -  Orthodox Directory


1.     ARTS & ICONOGRAPHY       

2.     BIBLE    

3.     CHURCH HISTORY      



6.     LITERATURE    








1.  ARTS & ICONOGRAPHY        


·       Art & Architecture in the Orthodox Church (Greek Archdiocese)

·       Church Art: The Orthodox Faith Doctrine Church Art (OCA)

·       Digital Icons

·       Icons & Iconography

·       Music

·       Museums

·       Virtual Images - Thousands of Judeo-Christian Images.

·       (To purchase icons, visit The Shopping & Services category)




Through the following Bible Search Engines a student of the Bible is enabled to search and lookup various versions of the Bible, including the Greek New Testament, Darby translation, the New King James Version (NKJV), the Authorized King James Version (KJV), King James Version with Strong's numbers and Strong's Old and New Testament definitions, the Authorized Standard Version (ASV), Revised Standard Version (RSV), Spanish, French and German Bible Translations, Young's Literal Translation, and the Weymouth modern English translation. The Greek New Testament versions include the Byzantine/Majority, Westcott-Hort Greek, and Textus Receptus. Support is provided for various Greek fonts. The Hebrew Old Testament with support for various Hebrew fonts is also included. The Greek New Testament and Hebrew Old Testament is searchable.


·       Bible Browser (Brown University). Includes deuterocanonical books.

·       Bible Gateway (Gospel Communications Network)

·       Bible Gateway (in 9 Languages)

·       Bible Page

·       Bible Search

·       Bible Search in Several Languages

·       Bible Study

·       Bible Search/Bible Browser

·       Biblia - The Bible (Sfanta Scriptura - Romanian Language)

·       Biblical text archive CCAT (UPenn)

·       La Bible de Jérusalem, 2nd ed., 1985. (Cerf). French.

·       Latin Vulgate (Saint Jerome's) No Apocrypha. Daniel and Esther are incomplete.

·       New American Bible

·       The Order of Saint Benedict Bible site

·       The Canon of the Scripture - New Testament

·       The Canon of the Scripture - Old Testament

·       World Wide Study Bible




·       About the Orthodox Faith (from the Greek web-site)

·       Chronology

·       Church History (from Greek sources)

·       Church History (History, Chronology, Structure and Organization, Doctrine and Practices)

·       Church Historians

·       Glossary of Historical Personalities (alphabetical, including non-religious)

·       Lives of the Saints

·       List of All Ecumenical Patriarchs

·       Orthodoxy & Other Major Religions of the World

·       Philosophers

·       The Ecumenical Councils of the Orthodox Christian Church Adapted from an essay by the Late Very Rev N Patrinacos Introduction. The Church held councils to resolve issues when less formal dialogue failed to produce a consensus.

·       The Fathers of the Church


Institutions for Religious Studies


Saint Andrew Center for Religious Studies

         The St. Andrew Center for Religious Studies is not designed to compete with or replace other seminaries or programs. It is designed to address the specific needs which presently are not met by other programs of study. Those from other jurisdictions who may participate in the work of the Center will participate with that understanding. The vision and programs of the Center continue to evolve, as clergy and faithful make known the needs of our people. At present, the Center is envisioned as having the following areas of activity: (1). A chapel and retreat center where faithful may come for spiritual guidance and renewal; (2). A community center where various of Church organizations may have their offices: (3). A school to prepare clergy and lay leaders for service in the founding Diocese, and to provide for their continuing education.


The Christian History Institute

The Christian History Institute provides an ample archive of Church History documents for all periods of


history in its Glimpses archive. Particularly German are two sections on Early Church History that include: Foundations of Our Faith, Whatever Happened to the Twelve Apostles?, The Spread of the Early Church, Accusation, The Canon, and biographical information on Polycarp, Constantine, Clement of Rome, Justin Martyr, Blandina, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen, Jerome.




·       Angels

·       Apologists

·       Basic Teachings of the Orthodox Church (Greek Archdiocese)

·       Canons

·       Catechism

·       Contemporary Issues (Q & A)

·       Creeds & Canons

·       Essential Teachings of the Church (Virtual American web-site).

·       Sacraments and Other Dogmas (Greek web-site)

·       The Orthodox Faith (OCA) - Doctrine, Worship, Bible and Church History, Spirituality

·       The Orthodox Faith - The Sacraments- Sacraments Directory Doctrine. (OCA web-site).




·       Autocephalos and Autonomos Churches

·       Archdioceses and Parishes

·       Orthodox Churches on the American Continent.

This page lists the canonical Orthodox Churches throughout the world, including jurisdictions in North America. Where available, we have provided the websites and email addresses of these jurisdictions. By following the links from the pages here you will be able to find information about parishes, institutions, and monasteries of these jurisdictions both abroad and in North America.

·       Monasteries

·       Seminaries & other Educational institutions

·       Center for Religious Studies (St. Andrews)

·       Hierarchs Names & Addresses Worldwide


Non-Orthodox Churches - Search Engines

CHURCHES ON LINE (Mostly Non-Orthodox)




·       The Bible

·       Orthodox Books on Line

·       Guide to Early Church Documents

·       Historical Documents

·       Historical Writings

·       Lost Bible Books

·       Religious Poetry




·       News

·       Forums

·       Chat

·       Up-coming Events

·       Youth & Young Adults




·       American (Virtual) Patriarchate

·       Arabic

·       Carpathiens Connection

·       Greek

·       Romanian - Romanian culture and heritage sites

·       Serbian culture and heritage sites

·       Ukraine




·       Radio/TV

·       Encyclicals & Pastoral Letters

·       Newspapers & Periodicals

·       Newsletters & Bulletins




·       Christian Search Engines & Directories

·       Department of Christian Education (Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese)

·       Dictionaries

·       Libraries

·       Pastoral Instructions

·       Religious Distant Learning Page

·       Religious Education Department (Greek web-site)

·       Resource Books for Lay Ministry (OCA)

·       Sermons & Homilies (Orthodox: 500 + with thousand non-orthodox links)

·       St. Benedict Library & Search Engine




·       Bookstores

·       Carpets

·       Church Building & Facilities Structures

·       Church Furniture

·       Church Supplies (Eccelsiastical items, icons, incense and other church-related items. New Sites! )

·       Icons

·       Orthodox Greeting Cards

·       Orthodox Musicians and Music Stores

·       Pilgrimage

·       Software (Computer Software for Orthodox Christian Churches and Individuals )

·       Videos (Instructional & Others)




·       Akatistos Services (Romanian Language)

·       Calendar & the Feastdays (Calendar of Movable Saints-days/OCA)

·       Liturgics & Worship

·       Monasticism

·       Mysticism

·       Sacraments

·       Spirituality (Spiritual, from the Greek web-site)

·       The Sacramental Life of the Orthodox Church

·       The Saints in the Orthodox Church (Greek Archdiocese)

·       The Calendar (History, Development)

·       The Jesus Prayer

·       Things you find in the Orthodox Church

·       Worship

·       Worship in the Orthodox Church


Content Categories


Education and Dictionaries


         Yomee prides itself on its focus of education and family. The educational sites include information on international colleges and universities, sites for financial aid resources, and numerous dictionaries. Let’s illustrate, shall we? Here we have the main menu with all the 16 categories available to you in the central folder with the quick reference options to the left of your screen. Let’s open the education and dictionaries menu. The sub-menus include the international education, sites of financial aid resources, sites of colleges and universities, and dictionaries. If we point the cursor to international education, you have sub- sub categories like U.S education and International links. The international links include all sites related with education and financial aid. Now let’s go to the financial aid resources. Here it lists, in alphabetical order, all scholarships and loans for a higher education, as well as other government aids, both domestically and internationally.

         Even the dictionaries are listed on an international basis. Opening the menu Dictionaries, a display of over eight hundred dictionaries and glossaries in alphabetical order are arranged in field categories, like multi-lingual dictionaries, medical dictionaries, sign language dictionaries, and even an extensive field of financial encyclopedias.




Once again, Yomee is a pro-family site. Opening the site, you find an extensive family menu that gives summary descriptions of topics like the Family A Will of God, the importance of family, Parenting the Teens, tips on grandparents helping parents raise children, and family time and fun, such as family movies and hobbies.


Society and Culture


If we go to Society and Culture, you find two sub-menus, one History and General Information, with sites that describes the development of societies and cultures in all countries on all continents. (Open the sub-menu pointing to all continents separately): Africa- Middle East, European, American, etc. The other sub-menu entitled History/Universal characteristics will link us to exploring the world cultures starting from the Ancient world to the modern world, describing customs, traditions, holidays, and specific foods. Clicking on the food menu alone will link you to over 8000 recipes taken from books and magazines all over the world.


Religion and Spirituality


Opening the religion and spirituality menu, you find a beautiful display introducing the major world religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other religions. Let’s illustrate by clicking on Buddhism. You can read the sub-menus of origins, early development, institutions, and Buddhism today. Now click on Christianity. You find the three main branches found today, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. Clicking Protestantism, we find the major branches of the religion, including information on their history, doctrines, organization, and practices. The second sub-menu of religion is the spirituality. This takes you to the two main topics of spirituality: meditation and prophesies of both Christian and non-Christian traditions.


 Business, Careers, & Jobs


Opening the business careers and jobs sub-menu takes you to links related to banking and personal finances, investing, employment centers, and consulting. You find all the information you need to start on your way towards a new financial start and standpoint, using the latest technology to plan for the future.


Finances & Real Estate


Opening the Finances and real estate sub-menu, you could learn who is who in the world’s corporate finances, about the skills in the commercial banking system, what are the hottest jobs in the financial world, the real estate and venture capitals, insurance and money management. Via television (Bloomberg Live) you have immediate access to NASDAQ, Dow Jones, and Wall-Street figures, enabling you to plan your finances in accordance with the unpredictability of the market.


Yomee World Business Club


To further empower the user in the business, financial, and trade field, especially on an international level, Yomee added a special feature to its menu called the Yomee World Business Club, offering all entrepreneurs, both big and small, a “manual” of international business. Through a token fee, the entrepreneur is able to access all international financial and trade transactions that were available before only through the Mega businesses by specialized means such as,, and the like.




With Yomee’s remarkable world coverage, the News site  is able to bring international and global news within the realm of all users. Daily news, political, government news, and the economic news of various countries is available with just the click of a fingertip. Yomee is also dedicated in its quest of becoming an equal opportunity Internet provider, giving other countries the chance to catch up and be on an equal footing with the American Internet services. For example, the CNN headline takes you through all the major events throughout the word 24 hours a day, while through the regional media, like The Los Angeles Times, in the comfort of your own home, you can watch the local news in front of your computer hooked up to the Internet by


Health and Fitness


In need of a doctor? A hospital? A fitness center? Do you want to know more about healthy living, conventional and alternative medicine? Need a health center locator, like the one you need to guide you where you want? The answer is Health and Fitness Menu. This menu connects you to all the health and fitness resources internationally and domestically.


Government and Law


Through the International Government and Law features, you access information about the three branches of the federal and state government, (insert Internet images of North America/U.S)  the foreign governments and political institutions, the embassies throughout the world (insert images of foreign embassies in U.S. exemplify embassy of Mexico) as you could see illustrated by this site.




After this heavy load of information, let’s change the pace a little and talk about the various forms of entertainment. For those seeking relaxation, the Yomee site opens your eyes to the world of international books per categories, such as American and English Literature as well as Best Sellers and Reviews. For the movie buffs and critics, Yomee takes you to the Moviefinder, a site that links you to the latest movies and reviews. Interested in easy listening? The radio directory will take you to the best music of the ages. Are we forgetting the drama? Link on to the theater site, which will give you the scoop on all the latest plays and musicals.


Kid’s Land


Opening the Kid’s Land sub-menu takes you to the latest on Disney, the Discovery channel, and the cartoon network. Once again, Yomee is a pro-family organization, so the violence and aggression that kid’s are seeing on TV nowadays has no place on this site. Only good, solid, educational links are present to lead your child to clean fun.




Planning a vacation? Open up the Travel sub-menu and discover a whole new world out there. Flight arrangements, international hotel reservations, and even top restaurants throughout the world are handled for you by Yomee, taking you to the precise links. On the present illustration on the screen, you can see how easy it is to schedule all travel arrangements all over the world. For example Europe. You have a listing of all airline carriers, cruises, trains, and so on.


Sports and Hobbies


Sports play a big part in our entertainment life. Through Yomee, you can surf the net through major leagues, such as the NBA via a multitude of visual communication means with the CBS Sportsline. You can also browse all the four hundred sports divided into categories made easy to access by alphabetical order. Sports are an international phenomenon, and Yomee takes you to all international sports links. Besides the sports, all other hobbies such as coin and stamp collections, gardening, animal care and breeding, arts and crafts, and many, many more! You name it or collect it, and its found on this site.




Through its unique “software” Yomee is able to connect and organize in a hierarchy of topic categories, all the requested information from all Search and Mega Search Engines, Directories and Guides, from most of the top Search Engine Magnates, as follows: Altavista, America on Line, Ask Jeeves, Dogpile,  Excite, Firefly, Galaxy, Hot Bot, Info Seek, LookSmart, Lycos, Magellan, Metacrawler, Metafind, Microsoft, MNS Link Exchange, Northernlight, Starting Point, Switchboard, WebCrawler,, Yahoo. Through its “super-search capabilities” stated web-site gives the option to the Internet user to surf the Net in three ways: a). Simple Search (using one Search Engine at a time); b). Meta-Search getting the top results of some 3-8 Search Engines at once; c). Super-search, getting the best links-results of most of the Search Engines in the same time. 




         The special folder, “Quick Reference” you have easy access to needs here and NOW, like:

·       Airline Tickets

·       Check your credit

·       Currency converter (Money Exchange Rates)

·       Daily reminder

·       Dictionary/Translators

·       Driving Directions

·       Everyone’s E-mail address

·       Find best insurance company

·       Find People

·       Free E-mail

·       Horoscopes

·       International Date/Time

·       Local Event Finder

·       Maps - International & domestic

·       Math Tools and Calculators (Amortization)

·       Movie Guide

·       Music Guide

·       Nutrition & Calorie Counters

·       Plan a Night out

·       Postal Information

·       Start your day with humor

·       Stock Quotes

·       TV Guide

·       Weather

·       Weights and Measures

·       White Pages

·       Yellow Pages




Yomee is serviced by MCI - a leading connector to the Internet (having over 800 Internet modems).

Yomee uses a T3 - 43.9 gigabits Internet connector to the “super-highway”,  sophisticated “Internet Hub”, based in Beverly Hills, California, while most of the USA National Corporations use only a T1 connector or less.

         Benefits of Using the Latest, Cutting-Edge Technology:

·       Speed of Execution (Page Loading); HUB Connection; Simultaneous Number of users: 100,000 Access vs. 2000 Users on-line

·       T3 Connection

·       6 Servers

·       Pentium III CPU

·       Microsoft iFrame Technology

·       6000 modems @ 112K




         From the “software” point of view, Yomee let you navigate the whole Internet site, without “getting lost” on the net. You are always on the Yomee site. Any time you wish to “quit” your search”, you do have the left-hand site menu, you may click at any time, ending the search, and knowing the point you started from. Thus, you have a 100% control over the Internet, versus a 100% control you the Internet has over you if you use any and all other “Internet genius search engines, Mega-searchers and providers”. If one is in need of “HELP”, a click on the “HELP” button will give possible solution and assist “The web navigator”  with the requested information. 

         We tried to make everything in Yomee convenient & easier to use. Everything from tips on the toolbars, a tip of the day that comes up every day to teach you just a little part of metastock. I’ve always believed that when you buy a product the early experience should be good. Within an hour you ought to be up, running, and getting value out of the product. Its hugely important in creating software. I feel that when you use a Yomee product you’ve got to feel that a year later there is a lot of meat, a lot of unexplored power within that product. See how menu and sub-menus come up with mouse over, without even clicking on it?!!!.




One of the things we do to ensure the quality in our program, not just the quality as it relates to bugs, which we do extensive beta testing to manage, but the quality of the interface. One of the ways we do this is through usability testing. Where we take someone of ten times right off of the street, of all ages. We’ve had secretaries and retired engineers, every type of person imaginable. We put them in front of Yomee, we wire them for sound, we hook them up with specialized video gear that allows us to see both their face and the computer screen at the same time. We look at them, we watch where they struggle, and our engineers  ask, “What could we do to our software to improve the quality; to make this experience better for the person?”

Yomee takes the latest and greatest technology and information, and blends these together into a tool the average person can use. They can take control of their own life. They can decide what they learn; where they want to explore on the world wide web. Yomee puts this together in an affordable package, so that people are empowered to control their own destiny.