Come To The Summer Camps!



Now that Spring is here, our thoughts and plans will be more directed to summer and autumn activities. Our Episcopate has scheduled a number of national events for members of all ages: pilgrimages, retreats, the annual Church Congress, religious education camps, ARFORA, AROY and Brotherhood Conventions.

Now is the time to consider and make plans for those activities which interest you. You'll not only enjoy them, but will come away happier, more content and spiritually uplifted. As one who has been especially interested in religious education of our young people, I (together with my late wife Preoteasa Cornelia, who spent over 25 summers at the Vatra Senior Camps) especially urge our young people not to miss this occasion to attend the summer camps for juniors (11 to 13) from July 8-21 and for seniors (14 to 16) from July 29 - August 11.

Throughout the years, the facilities at the Vatra, the staff and program have improved considerably. This will probably be the first time some of our young people will be away from home on their own. Parents can relax in knowing their offspring are in good hands, enjoying the fellowship of other like young people of their age, becoming better acquainted with Archbishop Nathaniel and the priests and living in a rural atmosphere with fresh air, well-prepared meals, discipline, planned recreation and well-supervised activities.

After heading the Senior Camp for over 25 years, I can attest to the fact that many of the former students are among those now sending their children to the Vatra and are the most active in their respective parishes.

I have volunteered to teach this year after a few year's absence, so I hope the parents will give the matter their complete consideration, and I will be able to see their sons and daughters at the Vatra camps.

Enrollment forms are already in the office of your parish. Just call the parish priest and talk to him about the “Vatra Summewr Camps”.

Yours sincerely, 

Fr. Vasile Hategan, retired priest