Congress 2000


There are three major events which will be celebrated at the Congress 2000, June 30-July 2, hosted by St. Mary Church, Elmhurst, New York.

            The first is the Friday celebration of the beginning of the 60th year of continuous publication of the SOLIA/ Herald newspaper. Following the Friday Sessions of the Congress, a special program commemorating the founding of the SOLIA and honoring those who were part of the Publishing Department, as well as an artistic program will be held to initiate a year-long observation. Throughout 2000 and 2001, the Episcopate will ask the deaneries to participate in the celebration of this important milestone in the history of the Episcopate.

            The second celebration will be on Saturday evening to honor the 65th anniversary of the enthronement of Bishop Policarp Morusca as first hierarch of the Romanian Episcopate in North and South America. Following the Saturday concluding session of the Congress, a short program recalling this event will take place. As has been the tradition, a dance will be held following the commemorative program.

            The third event to be commemorated will be the establishment of the Archbishop's Charity Endowment Fund which the Episcopate Council has established to enhance the charitable activities of the Diocese. This will take place at the Sunday Banquet when recognition will be bestowed on those who have been founders of the Fund.



To Host The 2000 Clergy Conference


Plans are underway for the 2000 Episcopate Clergy Conference to be held at the Center for Orthodox Christian Studies, "Saint Andrew," in Detroit. The Clergy will meet in session at the facilities on Thursday, June 29, to celebrate the Divine Liturgy for Saints Peter & Paul Feast Day. The regular sessions will follow. After the final afternoon sessions, the clergy will return to the Jackson area to their accommodations in preparation for the Church Congress the next day. Father Constantin Alecse, our parish priest, sub-deacon Bill Clark and ing. Michael Nutza (our parish’s lay-delegates) will attend.