Archbishop Nathaniel visits the Holy Trinity Parish




Continuing his itinerary throughout the Pacific Coast Deanery, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel visited the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church (The Deanery’s Headquarters) in Los Angeles, California.

On Tuesday, February 26, 2002, the Hierarch met with the Building Committee members, listened to the reports on the building project progress, given by the parish priest, V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, the parish Council president, Mr. Constantin Jercan, and the Building Committee chairperson, Mrs. Maria Pincu. The Hierarch, and the Building Committee members were invited, thereafter, to Jeffrey’s Restaurant in Malibu, for an informal dinner.


Wednesday, 27 February 2002 - St. Raphael of Brooklyn’s Feast Day


Archbishop Nathaniel ordains 3 Theologians to the Holy Order of Sub-Deaconate



At 9 am, three young candidates to be ordained as "sub-deacons" for the Holy Trinity Parish, celebrated the service of the Matins, while Father Danut Palanceanu from Las Vegas Nevada, officiated the Proscomidia.

Vesting - At 9:45 am His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel is welcomed at the entrance of the church by ten members of the clergy with the Holy Cross and the Holy Gospel, and in the name of the community, Mr. Constantin Jercan (Council President) welcomed His Eminence with the traditional bread and salt wishing him "welcome" at the Holy Trinity, on behalf of the faithful of the Holy Trinity Church.


The Hierarchical Liturgy


Ordination to the Holy Order of sub-deaconate


At 10:00 am, at the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Nathaniel ordained 3 theologians as sub-deacons: Petru Gabriel Vamvulescu, Irinel Dumitrascu, and Iosif Razvan Bena, thus raising the Clergy Council  to 13 Clergymen, assisting His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel at the Hierarchical Liturgy.


The three sub-deacons during the Hierarchical Liturgy.

From Left to right: Razvan Bena, Petru Gabriel Vamvulescu (middle) and

Irinel Dumitrascu.



The Hierarchical Liturgy was Pontificated by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, assisted by His clergy: V.R. Frs. Constantin Tofan, Department of Missions, Constantin Alecse, dean, Pacific Coast Deanery, Rector of the Holy Trinity, LA California, Cătălin Mitescu, St. Anne, Pomona, CA, Cornel Avramescu, St. Mary’s, Anaheim, CA, Dănuţ Pălănceanu, St. Mary’s, Las Vegas, Nevada, Florin Mihalache, Holy Archangels, Sacramento, CA, Ioan Cătana, Three Hierarchs, Seattle, WA, Virgil Anton, assistant, Holy Trinity, LA, CA, deacons Vasile Simonca & William John Clark, Holy Trinity, LA, CA, sub-deacons Petru Gabriel Vamvulescu, Ioan-Irinel Dumitrascu & Iosif-Răzvan Bena.


Although there was a Feastday, celebrated on a week-day Feast, the Church was packed with the faithful. The Romanian Sermon of the day was delivered by Rev. Fr. Danut Palanceanu, with the theme „preparing ourselves to meet the Creator”. The Enghish Sermon was delivered by Fr. Deacon William John Clark, who spoke about the Life and Pastorship of St. Raphael of Brooklyn.


At the end of the Service, Fr. Cornel Avramescu, from Anaheim, delivered a „meditation”, followed by a few announcements made by the parish priest, V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, who welcomed everyone, noticing also the presence of the three nuns (Mother Victoria, abbess, and sisters Elayne and Suzan), from the OCA’s Monastery „ Santa Barbara”, from Santa Barbara, California.


The Service was concluded with an inspirational Homily, offered by the Archpastor His Eminence Nathaniel, who also explained not only the importance of His Visit throughout the Deanery’s parishes and missions, but also the great segnificance of accepting the three (3) sub-deacons, who were ordained today, in the Lord’s Vineyard.



Pictured above (from left to right, as one looks at the picture): Fr. Cornel Avramescu, sub-deacon Petru Gabriel Vamvulescu in the back, in purple vestments, Fr. Constantin Alecse, deacon William John Clark, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel (with the Cross in his right hand, and the staff in the left hand), sub-deacon Irinel Dumitrascu (in the back), Fr. Danut Palanceanu (in the back in red vestments), Fr. Constantin Tofan, sub-deacon Razvan Bena (in the back), Fr. Catalin Mitescu (vested with the Epitrakil only), Fr. Virgil Anton (in the back) and Fr. Florin Mihalache. Missing from the picture: Fr. Ioan Catana, and deacon Vasile Simonca.


Clergy and group’s pictures were then taken with Archbishop Nathaniel, followed by a brotherly meal, offered by the Ladies Aid, in honor of His Eminence’s visit in our parish.  The Dinner was offered by Mrs. Maria Pincu in memory of her husband, Traian Pincu, pillors of this parish.


(Report by Fr. Virgil Anton, associate pastor)