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Music: The call to prayer - the symantron and the bells; The Canon of Palm Sunday, The Holy Friday Lamentations, This is the day of  Resurrecton, Who is so great a god as our God, Holy God, I shall love you o Lord, The Praises Stichiron, Christ is Risen, The Great Doxology, Watch and Pray not to fall into temptation.

Slide shows: Holy Friday Procession at the Holy Trinity Church, Paschal Sermons, Holy Friday: The services, the Procession, the faithful ; Great and Holy Pascha 2002 - The service outside the church, the  Procession, The Divine Liturgy, Holy Communion, (images) Romanian Traditions - Holy Pascha (Easter), The Papacy and the treasures of the Vatican. - Traditional Romanian Carols, by the Madrigal Chamber Choir (24 carols),  The Exceptional (Extraordinary) Christmas Concerto "Gabriel and Ciprian", offered by the bass Gabriel Vamvulescu and the internationally acclaimed flute master Ciprian Ignat, other carols (The Minisong Choir, Stefan Hrusca, Nicolae Furdui, Nicolae Sabau, Aurel Tamas, carols from the Vrancea region of Romania), The Story of Santa Claus, Christmas on the World, X-mas, Christmas recipes, Discussion forum, Letter to Santa. - On this page you can listen to the Divine Liturgy, as well as other  services (matins, vespers, Christmas Carols) in Romanian. While listening to these services you can follow slideshows with thousands of images from Romania, The Holy Land, The Vatican, as well as beautiful icons. - Virtual library, Holy Services (with slideshows), the bilingual magazine  "The Christian Life", Romanian Carols, as well as Church-related links: The Bible, Akathist Hymns, Prayers (in English and Romanian), publications, Romanian Church instiutions. An important link is devoted to Spirituality, and contains links to: The lives of the Saints (including Romanian Saints), Romanian Spiritual Fathers (Gheronda/Staretzi) and their writings Churches and Monasteries of Romania, Romanian TV Christian programs. Other links include: Romanian Christianity, Catechesis, Church History, Christian Apologetics, Homilies, etc. - A web site devoted to the Romanian Churches from all over the world, with particular emphasis on the churches in The US and Canada. It also contains links with the web pages of all the Orthodox Patriarchates, as well as other Church-related links.  - Web page devoted to great Romanian theologians of this century: Romanian Dioceses in Romania and abroad and their hierarchs (including their biographies). Writers and Professors of Theology, Romanian Spiritual Fathers (gheronda/staretzi) from Romania and abroad. - Official web site of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California. Parish news, administration, services, social and cultural activities, articles, links to related pages, Church and lay institutions from Romania and the US  - The web page of the Virtual American Patriarchate - Articles about the God-inspired work towards the creation of an Orthodox Partiarchate in America.  - Worldwide Orthodox Directory (in construction) Partiarchates, Dioceses and Bishops, churches, monasteries, publications and other Church-related institutions from all over the world.  - The Theology of the Orthodox Church (in construction) - Web site of the Saint Andrew Center from Detroit Michigan. Information about the "Saguna Online" long-distance learning program and other educational programs in Orthodox Theology, the pan-Orthodox parish of St. Raphael, and the Romanian Monastery located at the center (with Romanian monks from the Sambata de Sus Monastery in Transylvania)


ViataCrestina.Net  - The web site of the Pacific Coast Deanery of the Romanian Orthodox

Episcopate of America (OCA). Parish directory, deanery, Episcopate and worldwide Orthodox News, - A page devoted to prestigious Romanians and Romanian-Americans from the US and Canada


Seminarul Teologic din Buzau - The web site of the Buzau Theological Seminary (Romania): The Seminary Library, Publications, Professors, Administration; Church hymns; A section devoted to Spirituality: Romanian Christianity, Romanian  Spiritual Fathers (gheronda/staretzi), Prayers (in Romanian), Holy Fathers, Virtual Library, Lives of the Saints, The Christian Life, Christian Encyclopedia, Church Organizations, Theological discussions.


Manastirile din Romania - Links to the most famous Romanian Monasteries (geographically arranged).

An account of the 2002 Romanian Festival in Los Angeles. 7 Romanian Folk-songs with hundreds of images accompany the SlideShows. Worthwhile viewing.