At its meeting of Sunday 22 September 2002, the parish council approved (in accordance with the Art. IX, Sec.26 b, of the ROEA’s Constitution & By-Laws) a motion to call on a Special Parish General Assembly, for Sunday, October 20, 2002, at 1:30 pm, in the parish hall (address above), after the Divine Liturgy and luncheon, with the following agenda:


The following topics were discussed:


Part I -  A general presentation of the Church’s Building Project up-to-date, with the following reports: The History of the Holy Trinity Church; Parish Administration; Feasibility Studies regarding the new project; The Location; Legal Matters and The Building Trust.


Part II - The Project Presentation: Project Description; Technical Matters; The Construction Phases


Part III - The Finances: A Building Project Financial Report; The Proposed Building Project Budget; The Building Committees & Fund Raising activities


Part IV – The Resolutions


The Resolutions Adopted Unanimously by the Special Parish Assembly of 20 October 2002


Being specially convoked by a Parish Council decision of the 22nd September 2002 and being approved by the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America (according to the ROEA’s Constitution and By-Laws, art. IX, sec. 26 b), upon hearing all the reports and presentations (per the above-stated approved convocation AGENDA) this Special Parish Assembly of 20 October 2002, approves the following RESOLUTIONS:




The Building committee, constituted by the parish council at the beginning of 2002, is authorized to initiate, as soon as feasible, all the necessary steps to start the Building Program (as laid-out in the presentations made during this Special Parish Assembly Meeting), on the Church’s new property in Sunland, California. 


The Building committee, under the parish council guidance and supervision, is authorized to take all the decisions regarding the implementation, changes and/or adjustments to the over-all building project style, square-footage and detailed measurements (including the square-footage and style of the sanctuary), the physical placement of complex buildings on the property (as per the “CUP” requirements and experts’ recommendations), so as to insure the completion of an attractive project, with the financial resources our community could afford. 


The Building committee, under the parish council guidance and supervision, is authorized to conduct interviews, take construction bids, hire architectural and engineering experts, a suitable construction company, iconographers, etc - taking all legal and/or technical decisions and measurers, necessary for the completion of the Building Project.  




This Special Parish Assembly gratefully accepts the grants and stipends (liquid and RE), from the MROC/ROEA Trust Fund. It is clearly understood by this parish body that ALL THE GRANT FUNDS will be used solely for the building of the Church. 


The Building committee is instructed to work closely with the two designated MROC/ROEA Trust Fund officers (His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, president and Ms Michelle Ertzan, architect), to insure that architectural elements will be incorporated in the Church Building so as to reflect “the spirit of Moldovitza”, as per the MROC Founder’s vision. 


This Special Parish Assembly, taking notes of the sum of ALL the parish building assets (liquid, Real Estates and MROC pledge), as presented in today’s meeting reports, accepts the proposed BUDGET FOR THE BUILDING PROGRAM, and instructs the Building Fund Trustees to release the necessary funds and pay the construction bills, as per the progress of each construction phase, until the completion of the over-all Building Project. 



The Building committee, under the parish council guidance and supervision, is authorized to initiate a Fund Raising Campaign, consisting of, but not limited to: Direct solicitation, Social and Cultural  events, organized by the community, businesses-people affiliated with and on behalf of the above-stated Building project, and/or individuals. All net proceeds (100%) raised by such actions will benefit only the Building Fund. 




Detail Reports (Building Program Progress and Financial Reports) will be presented by the Parish Council at all the Parish General and Special Assemblies until the completion of ALL phases of the Building Program.