The Hope,


by Rev. Fr. Bill Clark


Hope does not disappoint.      (Rom 5:5)

I have hope in God.                 (Acts 24:15)

Rejoice in Hope.                      (Rom 5:2)


Dear Faithful in Christ, we have all heard the saying “Hope Springs Eternal”.


For hope is knowing, believing, that he will come to our aid. We sing out in divine services, “Have mercy on us O Lord, for we have set our hope on you.


We see therefore, hope is not a maybe, hope is an expectation. An expectation attained through God’s Grace (divine energies).


So by faith we have hope. We are saved by faith giving us hope (expectation) for live-forever with God. Eternal life begins here and is fulfilled in heaven.


Through hope our chapel is growing. Through hope (prayful hope) our school will grow. We set out hope O Lord, that parents will see the need to give their children to Christ’s Holy Church and not to the world. We pray and set our hope on you that our new church will be completed soon. We hope and pray on you Lord to preserve our Archbishop and our pastor Fr. Alecse and all our Romanian  Episcopate, and all our dear faithful. O Lord, inspire our youth, some we no longer see, to return to their only hope, your church, your body, the “Ark of Salvation”.


Archbishop Valerian once remarked, “without the youth, there is no future and without a serious organization (AROY) there is no youth.


O Lord, I pray that our dear young people (who thirst for their ancestral faith) will return Lord, enlighten their parents to return also. This will set good example.


We understand especially today the great secular attraction of this world. Even so, remember Christ’s words, “ Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on Earth (Matt 6-9). Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven (M.V20) Where is this treasure? Christ’s church his body is this treasure.


We must all remember, Christ did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. ( Matt 9-13 )


Dear Romanian American Youth, we love you and need you.


Dearly beloved:


Please pray for father and support us in building our new church, and an outstanding Romanian center, which will become a beacon of Romanian American Presence here in California. Please pray and support us. My love in Christ Jesus to all.