Update on the building project


Los Angeles, California - 03/22/2004


Part I


On Sun. Nov 9 2003 His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel celebrated the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Los Angeles. The concelebrating clergy: Fr. Constantin Alecse, parish priest, Fr. Bill Clark, chaplain, and Fr. Deacon Vasile Simonca, were assisted by the chanters Iosif Razvan Bena, Irinel Dumitrascu and Liviu Constantinescu,and by the numerous faithful present.

At the end of the Liturgy, Fr. Constantin Alecse gave a brief presentation of the 65 years history of this parish, and of its Building project in Sunland CA.

He was followed by Architect Garo Minassian, who presented the final construction plans. He and Architect Michelle Ertzan work together closely at this plan, making sure that it incorporates the essential elements of the Moldovita monastery. The Architect presented in detail the Plot Plan, the Church Plan, the Parish Hall Plan, the administration buildings, and the future possible apartment building for the elderly. The presentation was very well received by the participants.

At the end of this presentation, Archbishop Nathaniel gave a very eloquent sermon in Romanian.

He was pleased to notice the revival of the building project, which after 10 years of stagnation has made a lot of progress in a very short time. He also thanked all those involved in this project, the parishioners, members of the parish auxiliary organizations, the building committee members, the architects, and the other specialists.

His Eminence extended a very warm call to all the members and supporters of the Holy Trinity parish to help the parish priest and the building committee in this very difficult, demanding and costly endeavor. He also called on the whole Romanian American community in Southern California to be generous in supporting this project, to show magnanimity in their donations, and where appropriate to remember to mention the Holy Trinity Church in their wills.

After the sermon, the participants were blessed by sprinkling with the holy water, and proceeded to the church courtyard for a group photo with the Hierarch.

Note: The parish office has informed all the members of the parish about the presentation, and H.E. Archbishop Nathaniel has received a complete set of the plans. These plans will be discussed and analyzed by the Episcopate Council, before the final ecclesiastical approval.


After this, the plans will be submitted for approval to the Los Angeles City Council.

Part II


From November 2003 until the beginning of February 2004 the building plans have been put in a semi-final form, and sent to the Episcopate for examination, comments, and approval.  H.E. Archbishop Nathaniel and V. Rev. Fr. Laurence Lazar, have sent the suggestions of the Religious Art Committee of our Episcopate to the architects.

On Feb. 24'th, the parish priest, the two architects, and the structural engineer had a two hour meeting at the office of Architect, Garo Menassian. They discussed and found the ways to incorporate in the building plans the suggestions received from the Archbishop.  Until the second half of March the architects and structural engineer have incorporated these changes into the plans, which will be resubmitted to the Episcopate before March 20 for the final approval.

In the meantime, the civil engineer  "George Boghossian & Associates" has put together a very advanced version of the grading plans, and sent them to the geology company  "R.T. Frankian & Associates" on February 25. This company has also completed the geological and soil tests, and by the end of March will finalize the Geological Report.

During this period Architect Michelle Ertzan has worked with the company "Western Pioneer Sales inc.", (consultants and distributors of commercial kitchen equipments), discussed the preliminary plans for placement of the kitchen equipment, as well as the City Hall regulations regarding  commercial kitchens. We are very grateful to Architect Michelle Ertzan for responding to our request and helping us in this area.

Out intention is to have the plans reviewed and approved by the Episcopate by the end of March, so that the Architects may finalize them during April. Towards the end of April we hope to have a general meeting of the Building Committee, and submit the plans to the City Hall at the beginning of May, so that by the end of the year we can start constructing the church.


(Translated from Romanian by dr. Razvan Iosif Bena, subdeacon & his wife Cristina Bena)


Viata Crestină, Aprilie-Iunie 2004


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