Mihai Patrichi

Mihai D. Patrichi was born in Romania.




He holds three Masters-degrees: Mechanical, Electrical, and Aeronautical, and a Ph.D. in Physics from Bucharest Institute of Technology – 5 years.


He was Assistant Professor of Thermodynamics at Bucharest Institute of Technology from 1945 to December 30, 1947, the date of King Michael's abdication. He left Romania for Switzerland with King Michael's party.

As a member of the Royal Court, his title was Technical Advisor to the King.

He was an accredited pilot and graduated from the Air Force Military Academy in Romania.


Professional achievements


q       He was the founder (1951), President and Chairman of the Board of Networks Electronic Corporation, Chatsworth, California, until he passed-away (1995).

q       He was a co-Founder of the Music Center and the Los Angeles Chorale.

q       He was also the founder of the Moldovita Monastery Foundation (1983).

q       As an inventor, he had 26 patents to his credit.




Over the years, several American and Romanian newspapers and other publications wrote extensively about Mihai D. Patrichi professional achievements.

Below, we note just a few:


q       New American Has the Secret to Success in the Jet Age… Change With the Times… or Be Left Behind!”,

A Success Story of MIHAI D. PATRICHI, in the “Future” Magazine, 1960

q       Professor, chef, entrepreneur (His Company has one of the highest aircraft industry ratings), by James J. Doyle of United Press International (Cedar Rapids Gazette, April 12, 1982)

q       Patrichi Is The Power At Networks Electronic, by Alan Goldstein, Los Angeles Times (Valley Edition), May 27, 1986

q       Ex-aide to King builds business empire in U.S., by Gerald Delvin, News World Staff (1982)

q       Several of his articles have been published in various scientific magazines.


Membership and Affiliations:


q       On  February 28, 1982 Mihai D. Patrichi was awarded the “Rank of Knight Commander of Honor and Merit” (title “Ambassador”), by Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta

q       In July 1991 he was elected as an active member of the New York Academy of Sciences.


In 1995 Mihai Patrichi passed away, being buried at the “Hollywood-For-Ever” cemetery, Hollywood, California. Rev. Fr. Dr. Catalin  Mitescu performed a private family funeral service.  He was survived by his wife, Rodica, and  four children, Michael, Ileana, Alexander, and Radu.


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