The Prayer for the Blessing of Homes at Theophany


Blessed is our God always, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages.


Amen. Trisagion Prayer. All‑Holy Trinity ... Our Father. (see page 32).


For Yours is the Kingdom. . . Amen. Troparion, Tone I

When You in Jordan for Your baptism were come, 0 Lord, then was revealed unto us to worship the Trinity, for lo, the Father's voice spoke to bear witness of You, by Name, declaring You His well‑beloved Son; and the Spirit in form like a dove appeared to confirm the sure truth of the spoken Word; 0 Lord made manifest and light of the world, we give glory to You, 0 Christ our God.


Let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

0 God our Savior, the True Light, Who was baptized *in the Jordan by the Prophet John, and Who did deign to enter under the roof‑tree of Zacchaeus, bringing salvation unto him and unto his house: do You, the same Lord, keep safe also from harm those who dwell herein; grant to them Your blessing, purification and bodily health, and all their petitions that are unto salvation and Life everlasting; for blessed are You, as also Your Father Who is from everlasting, and Your All‑Holy, Good and Life‑creating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen.

And the Priest shall bless the whole house with Holy Water, saying:

When You in Jordan ...


May He Who condescended to be baptized in the river Jordan by the Forerunner and Prophet John, for our salvation, through the intercessions of His immaculate Mother, the Theotokos and Ever‑Virgin Mary, and of all the Saints, have mercy on us and save us, for He is our good and loving Lord.

The Priest proclaims:

Grant, 0 Lord, a prosperous and peaceful life, health and salvation, and the furtherance of all good things to all Your servants (Names) who dwell herein, and preserve them for many years.

Reader: Many years! (3)


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