Glory to thee, O God. Glory to thee, O God. Glory to thee, O God.

Then this Prayer of Thanksgiving

    I thank thee, O Lord my God, that thou hast not rejectedme a sinner, but that thou hast vouchsafed me to become a communicant ofthy Holy Things. I thank thee that thou hast vouchsafed me, who am unworthy,to partake of thine immaculate and heavenly Gifts. But, Master, Lover ofman, who for us didst die and didst rise again, and grantest us these thydread and life-creating Mysteries, for the benefit and sanctification ofour souls and bodies, grant that they may become for me unto healing ofsoul and body, unto the averting of every adversary, unto the enlightenmentof the eyes of my heart, unto the peace of my spiritual powers, unto faithunashamed, unto love unfeigned, unto the fulfilling of wisdom, unto theobservance of thy commandments, unto the increase of thy divine grace,and unto the attainment of thy kingdom, that, kept by them in thy holiness,I may ever remember thy grace and never live unto myself, but unto thee,our Master and Benefactor. And thus, when this life shall have passed awayin the hope of life eternal, I may attain unto everlasting rest, wherethe voice of those that keep festival is unceasing, and unending the blissof those that behold the unutterable beauty of thy face. For thou art thetrue desire and the inexpressible gladness of those that love thee, O Christour God, and all creation doth hymn thee unto the ages. Amen.

2. Of Basil the Great

    Master, Christ God, King of the ages and Author ofall things, I thank thee for all the good things which thou hastgranted me and for the communion of thine immaculate and life-creatingMysteries. I pray thee, therefore, O Good One, Lover of man, keep me underthy shelter and in the shadow of thy wings, and grant me worthily to partakeof thy Holy Things with a clean conscience until my last breath, unto forgivenessofsins and unto life eternal. For thou art the Bread of life, the Fountainof holiness, the Giver of good things, and unto thee do we send up glory,with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages.Amen.

3. Of Simeon Metaphrastes

    O thou who dost willingly give thy flesh to me asfood, who art a fire burning the unworthy, let me not be consumed, O myMaker; rather, enter thou into all my members, into all my joints, reins,heart. Burn thou the thorns of all mine iniquities; purify my soul; sanctifymy reasoning. Strengthen my knees and my bones. Enlighten the simplicityof my five senses. Nail the whole of me together with the fear of thee.Ever shelter, guard and keep me from every soul-corrupting deed and word.Make me clean, purify me, and attune me. Beautify me, give me understanding,enlighten me. Show me to be the habitation of thy one Spirit, and no longerthe habitation of sin, that having become thy dwelling-place through theentry of communion, I may flee, as from fire, every evil deed and everypassion.
    As intercessors I bring all the sanctified, theleaders of the Bodiless Hosts, thy Forerunner, the wise Apostles, and withthem, thine immaculate, pure Mother, whose entreaties, O TenderheartedOne, do thou receive, O my Christ, and make thy worshipper a child of light.For thou art, O Good One, the only Sanctification and Brightness of oursouls, and unto thee, as God and Master, do we all fitly send up gloryday by day.

4. Another Prayer

    Let thy holy Body, O Lord Jesus Christ our God, beunto me for eternal life, and thy precious Blood unto forgiveness of sins.And let this Eucharist be unto me for joy, health, and gladness. And inthy fearful second coming, make me, a sinner, worthy to stand at the righthand of thy glory, through the intercessions of thine immaculate Motherand of all thy Saints. Amen.

5. To the Most Holy Theotokos

    All-holy Lady, Theotokos, Light of my darkened soul,my hope, my shelter, refuge, consolation, joy, I thank thee that thou hastmade me, the unworthy, worthy to be a communicant of the immaculate Bodyand precious Blood of thy Son. But, thou who gavest birth to the true Light,enlighten my heart's intellectual eyes; thou who didst carry in thy wombthe Fountain of immortality, enliven me who am slain by sin. Thou Motherof the merciful God, thyself full of loving-kindness, have mercy on me,and grant me contrition and compunction of heart and humility in my thoughts,and the recall of my reasoning from its captivity. And make me worthy,till my last breath, without condemnation, to receive the sanctificationof the immaculate Mysteries, unto healing of soul and body, and grant metears of repentance and confession, that I may hymn thee and glorify theeall the days of my life, for blessed and glorified art thou unto the ages.Amen.

Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom

Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great

The Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

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