Christian Life, No. 1-3, 2006


January-March 2006


Church activities at the Holy Trinity ROC Church before Easter 2006


Church Services during the Lent

Church Services from Palm Sunday to St. Thoma's Sunday

His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel's Pastoral Letter - Pascha 2006

His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel will serve for Orthodox Canadiens at 2006 Easter

His Grace Bishop Irineu in the Pacific Coast Deanery at Easter 2006

Leavened versus Unleavened Bread: What's the difference?

The Holy Communion in the Holy Orthodox Church

Why Can't non-Orthodox Receive Holy Communion? by Fr. Evan Armatas

Holy Trinity Church Easter Banquet 2006

Meaning of Orthodox Services during the Holy Week and Pascha

Orthodox Easter in Jerusalem

The Orthodox Easter (Pascha)

Paschal Sermon of St. John Chrysostom

Great Miracle on Orthodox Easter - the Holy Fire in Jerusalem


The Building Committee chairman's report for 2005 activities

Pan-Orthodox news

Orthodox reach out to African-Americans

Testimony of a Jew convert to Christ

The sign of the cross and Orthodox prayer are capable of killing microbes...

Russian Orthodox Church: No Gay Pride In Moscow

Iranian Ayatollah: Nuclear capability is the “dignity of Islam”

Serbian Orthodox Church delegation departs for United States of America

Several states weigh ban on gay adoptions


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