Christian Life, No. 4-6, 2010


April - June, 2010

  1. Lamentation Service - Videoclip cu Prohodul Domnului

  2. Holy Week, Easter Services; Saptamana Patimilor 2009

  3. Videos: Christ is Risen! Hristos a Inviat!

  4. Some Things You Should Know While in Church

  5. An Orthodox Christian Historical Timeline

  6. Timeline of the East-West Schism

  7. Apologetics

  8. The Heavenly Banquet (The Divine Liturgy)

  9. Patriarch Daniel of Romania visits Ecumenical Patriarchate

  10. 600 people crowded into new St. Dimitrie Church, Easton,CT

  11. Great and Holy Saturday Evening - The Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

  12. The Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist

  13. This is My Body : Eucharist in the Early Fathers

  14. The Pascha Basket Tradition

  15. Challenges of Orthodoxy in America

  16. Famous People Painting.........really interesting!

  17. This is the best I have ever heard of life explained!

  18. Creativity and Tradition- Metropolitan Jonah

  19. The Lawyers

  20. Clergy: Priests, Pastors (definition)

  21. Guidelines for Clergy in the Orthodox Church of America
  22. The Mystery of Marriage Counseling Guidlines

  23. Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Intermarriage in America (concerns)

  24. The Armenian Church: history, worship, worldwide directory

  25. Feast-Day 2010: “Holy Trinity” Romanian Orthodox Church, L.A.

  26. News from Holy Trinity Parish & So. California Community

  27. Easter 2010 videoclips: Worldwide & at Holy Trinity Church

  28. Museum of Icons on Glass “Pr. Zosim Oancea” at Sibiel

No. crt.

01. Randuieli bisericesti si Rugăminţi creştineşti
02. Locurile Sfinte, si planuirea pelerinajelor crestinesti in Tara Sfanta
03. Video/audio, siteuri cu mii de filme, si casete religioase audio
04. Iisus Hristos (bibliografie)
05. Maica Domnului (bibliografie)
06. Icoane din Romania făcătoare de minuni (bibliografie)
07. Sfânta Liturghie, sfinţi, sfinte, ierarhii îngereşti (bibliografie)
08. De la subiecte generale la cele punctuale (bibliografie)

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