Orthodox Liturgical Texts And Resources

Orthodox Liturgical Texts And Resources

The Reader Service Horologion: containing the services of Typika, the Hours, Vespers, Matins, the All-Night Vigil, Small Compline, Great Compline, The Midnight Office, the Moleben, and instructions on how to do Reader Services.


Horologion Texts in Word Format


Rubrics for upcoming Vigils


The Variable portions of Typika


The Variable portions of the Divine Liturgy


Online Liturgical Resources: A comprehensive collection of links to online liturgical material in English.


Katavasiae for the Seasons of the Year


Orthodox Musical Resources


Practical Tips on building a Liturgical Library


Akathists and Canons


Various Private Prayers


The Ustav List: A Discussion Group for Liturgical questions (which counts among its participants some real liturgical experts)


The Typikon List: a different list of similar scope.


Albanian Orthodox texts on-line (both liturgical and non-liturgical)


Chinese Orthodox texts on-line (both liturgical and non-liturgical)


Liturgy in Danish


Services and Prayers in French


Services, Prayers, and the Bible in Greek


Services and Prayers in Italian


Services and Prayers in Japanese


Services and Prayers in Portuguese


Services and Prayers in Romanian


Services and Prayers in Slavonic


Services and Prayers in Spanish


Services and Prayers in Swedish


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