of theological knowledge



I. Books, Dictionaries...

II. Church Magazines and Theological articles

III. Multimedia: Audio, Video, CD, DVD...

IV. ICONS in SOUND—the Beauty of Orthodox Liturgy!

The major feasts of the church year; Highlighting pre-Lent, Lent, and Pascha; Focusing on particular hymns and texts; Featuring music of specific composers; Focusing on particular choirs; Miscellaneous contents...

V. The Cloud of Witnesses Chapel

The icons of the Chapel represent men and women saints, centered around Christ, in a unified Church from around the world, from Antioch (where “the disciples were for the first time called Christians,” Acts 11:26) to Serbia to Ethiopia to Constantinople to Russia to Georgia to Egypt, and to America. They also represent saints from two millennia before Christ, saints canonized in the 1st through the 21st centuries A.D. and the angels of God's heavenly kingdom... When you click on each icon such as the women saints and the men saints and within each icon particularly on each saint, a verbal and written description of the saint's live is set forth. Yours in Christ, E-mail: Charles Ajalat.

VI. Photo-Albums (community pictures from parish activities)