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Effective June 1, 2006, had replaced its Yahoo! group forum "ROCHolyTrinity", with " - Discussion Groups" ( English and Romanian Forums), offering the following topics:


Announcements - Find out what's new, upcoming events, news, etc...

Orthodox Q & A - A forum for learning authentic Church teachings faithful to the Doctrines and Canon Laws of the Orthodox Church. This forum has a single question - answer format.


The Church's History and Teachings - In-depth discussions on the Orthodox Church's History and it's Teachings, based on Doctrine and Canon Law, including the Catechism.


The Church's Practices - In-depth discussions on Sacramental Life, including Church Services, Prayers, Feastdays, Iconography and Music.


The Church in the World - The Church in the world today, in current events, the news and media.


Apologetics and Questions on Church Teachings - A forum for challenges to and defense of the Teachings of the Orthodox Church.


Traditional, Social and Progressive Issues - Debates on controversial matters facing the Church today. Issues may range from moral and social challenges coming from outside liberal or progressive perspectives, to the more conservative inner dialogue of Orthodox Christians promoting deliberate or unintended changes within the Church itself.


Miscellaneous Topics and Help - Off-topic discussions that don't easily fit in any other category, as well as a place for new and old members to ask for help and assistance with the functions of this forum.

Only registered members may post a message.


The moderator offers an invitation to participate to everyone, especially Orthodox Christians.


Membership will remain a blessing for those who abide by some basic guidelines.

All discussions ought to be conducted in a spirit of love and humility, particularly when engaging Christians of non-Orthodox churches.


One basic rule: Respect towards all contributors is required;


May God bless you in your search for knowledge about the Orthodox Church.

Welcome aboard! and don't forget to poll this forum.


Moderator: Fr Constantin Alecse

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