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Who answer all of these questions ?


Protopresbyter Thomas Hopko is dean emeritus of Saint Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, Crestwood, NY, where he also served as Professor of Dogmatic Theology until his retirement. A noted scholar, author, and speaker, he continues to maintain a busy schedule of speaking engagements. He has served on several OCA commissions and departments, including religious education, and has represented the Church at numerous ecumenical and inter-Orthodox gatherings in North America and around the world. He has also served as rector of Saint John the Baptist Church, Warren, OH; Saint Gregory Church, Wappingers Falls, NY; and Saint Nicholas Church, Jamaica Estates, NY.

The Very Rev. John Matusiak is director of communications for the Orthodox Church in America, managing editor of "The Orthodox Church" newspaper, and founding rector of Saint Joseph Church, Wheaton, IL. He is a past vice-president of Syndesmos, the world fellowship of Orthodox youth, and editor of the fellowship's magazine. He has served on a number of OCA departments, including youth, religious education, and evangelization since the early 1970s and is currently the secretary of the Diocese of the Midwest.

Since the Question and Answer service was introduced on the OCA web site in 1997, he has answered over 7000 enquiries, a small percentage of which appear on the present site. Editing many of his other answers is an ongoing project of the communications department.



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