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Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism

'Catholic' and 'Orthodox'

Is it correct to use the word "catholic" when we say "we believe in one holy, catholic, and apostolic church"?

I know catholic means also universal, united, etc., but ...

The Pope & Christian Unity

I was raised in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. For the past 4 years I have attended a Roman Catholic Church. I found the people in the Orthodox Church to worship Ukraine more then God. I believe w...

Orthodox Influences on Roman Catholicism

I was wondering. Very often we hear of the influences of Roman Catholicism on the Orthodox. The question I would like to ask is, What effects has Orthodoxy had on the Roman Catholic Church in the...


Is the Orthodox Church anti-Catholic?

Communion in Roman Catholic Church

As a Greek Orthodox may I receive the sacrament of Holy Communion in a Catholic Church. Do you know the rules regarding Greek Orthodox and Catholic relations? I live in an area where the closest c...

Western Rite Parishes

I am curious about the western rite within Orthodoxy and the position of the OCA in regards to it. Are the western rite parishes in full "communion" with other Orthodox and are they able...

The Word 'Uniate'

I edit crossword puzzles. Within the last two years, someone complained that I had permitted the answer word UNIAT (or UNIATE) in a puzzle. The complaint said that the term is now considered to ha...

Validity of Roman Catholic Orders

What is the current view of the OCA on the validity of Roman Catholic orders?

Does the Church believe that the body and blood of Christ are in the Roman Catholic Eucharist as it is in the...

The Rosary

Do the Orthodox pray the rosary and use rosary beads?

Sacrifice of the Mass

What is the Orthodox belief regarding the "Sacrifice of the Mass?" Is it the same as Roman Catholicism or different? Could you please explain the similarities and differences? Thank you....


I was wondering if you could please help me with a question.

Orthodox obviously do not believe in the infallibility of the Bishop (Pope) of Rome. However, is it true that Orthodox believe...

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary

The Bible refers to Jesus as having "brothers" -- e.g., "He was still addressing the crowds when His mother and His brothers appeared outside to speak with Him."


The Roman Catholic Pope recently proclaimed "indulgences" as a means to hasten entry into heaven (at least according to what I read in the popular press).

Does Orthodoxy share ...


What is the OCA's view of stigmata or other modern manifestations of Jesus or Mary? I would appreciate both a theological answer, and official Church position, if there is one.

Is the Orthodox Church is closer to theRoman Catholic Church than to the Protestant churches?

Would you say that the Orthodox Church is closer to the Roman Catholic Church than to the Protestant churches?



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