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The Sacrament of Confession

What is Sin?

I have been having a discussion concerning what should be a basic question; however the answer eludes us. One position, following the Wesleyan tradition, says that sin is a "willful transgres...

Proof of Confession

If I choose a Father confessor other than my local Priest, am I required to provide written proof that I have performed an act of penitance and received absolution to my local priest.


General Confession

There seems to be a dispute between various priests regarding the use of general confession in the local parishes. Some acknowledge its use and some do not. In my time at St. Vladimir's Seminary, ...

Reconciliation & Confession

Recently I have been seeing the word 'Reconciliation' used in place of the word 'Confession.'

Is the Orthodox Church in America changing its terminology?

Problems with Confession

I have a terrible time with going to confession due to an incident that happened a long time ago. It has totally stopped my partaking communion because I won't go to confession. I would go to gene...


What is a mortal sin? What are the categories of sins in the Orthodox church?

I am confused because I have a list of the seven grievous sins in the Orthodox Church:

Pride ...

Confessing in the Presence of a Priest

If we can make confession to God without the priest, then why do we have confession with a priest present?



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