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History of Christianity

The Original Christian Church

As an Orthodox Christian I have been taught that the Orthodox church was the first or original christian church. After speaking to many Catholics, they too believe that they are the first christia...

Orthodox Christianity and The "Branch Theory"

In an answer to the question "Is the Orthodox church anti-Roman Catholic" you stated that: "We continue to pray for unity while, at the same time, rejecting any notion that Orthodox...

"On this Rock I will build my church"

Could you explain how the Orthodox interpret the "On this Rock I will build my church" scripture. I am not asking this with regard to papal
claims but, rather, to discover whether Jes...

Compare the Orthodox Church to the other Christian Churches of the West?

I have seen the inside of an Orthodox church building. I have attended the Divine Liturgy. It all looks very mystical to me with the vestments, incense, candles, singing.... How would you compare ...



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