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Orthodox Church in America


History of the Orthodox Church in America

I would be most appreciative if you can recommend any books, pamphlets, etc., on the formation and history of the OCA.

Organizational Structure of the OCA

I was a visitor on your website. I have a question on the organizational structure of the OCA for my research. I would greatly appreciate your help.

Who does Metropolitan Theodosius repor...

The Orthodox Church in America

As a member of the Antiochian Archdioscese, I was curious as to how the OCA is organized and, for lack of a better term, its "legitimacy". I see no reference to a "Patriarch", ...

Recognition of the OCA

I have been visiting an OCA Church and was wandering if the OCA has gained official recognition from Constantinople (or any other Church besides the Russian) yet. The books and such I've read to l...

Clergy Compensation

If modern American Orthodoxy wishes to maintain the tradition of a married priesthood then why doesn't it pay its priests enough to support their families. I understand that many Orthodox priests ...

Decline in OCA Membership?

Based on the resolutions that were put forth at the recent 12th All-American Council, is it true that over the last twenty years there has been a precipitous decline in membership of the OCA?

TOC Subscriptions

A few members of our parish have asked about receiving The Orthodox Church. Is it true that all members of the Church should be receiving this publication? If so, how do I get these folks on the l...



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