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Orthodoxy in North America

Orthodox Unity in North America

I've been studying the Orthodox Church for a little while.

I don't understand why there are both hierarchies in North America that answer to their home authorities back across the ocean a...

Troubling Times in the Church

How are we, as the OCA, supposed to react to the troubling times and problems in the Greek Archdiocese, especially when there are rumors of their Metropolitans wanting an Autocephalous Church? Is ...

OCA and Greek Orthodox Churches

I understand that OCA is autocephalous and I have attended a wedding, baptism, and a funeral performed by an OCA priest in Columbia, MD.

Today someone said that the OCA and the Greek Orth...


Please clarify the OCA's relationship with ROCOR. We are moving to an area where the only parish is Synodal. The priest, his wife and the people have been very kind and welcoming to us. We are fru...

Russian Orthodox Church in America

I have three questions.

1. Is the Russian Orthodox in America a part of the OCA?

2. Are there any parishes that are a part of the russian Orthodox Church in America where the ser...

Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox

What are the main differences between the Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox churches?

How Many Orthodox in North America and the World?

Can you tell me how many Orthodox Christians there are in North America and throughout the world?

Five Church Leaders & Theologians

I am seeking assistance in narrowing a topic for a research paper. I am a Lutheran seminary student taking a class on "Religious Bodies in America" and am planning to do a paper on some ...

Orthodoxy, Ethnicism, and Conversion

I was raised in a Catholic/Protestant family. Lately, I have been drawn to Orthodox Christianity, but I am worried that there will be a language barrier. Do Orthodox churches worship only in G...



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