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Returning to Christianity

I was brought up in the Episcopal Church in the USA but have been really been distant from Christianity for a decade. I am now slowly coming back.

I am very aware of Orthodoxy. In the 197...

Credibility of the Orthodox Church

I would consider myself to be an evangelical Christian. I grew up in a "casual" Methodist family, spent some time in the 70's among charismatics, attended Catholic boarding school, studi...

Orthodox or Not?

The other day I met a person whom said he was an Orthodox priest in a jurisdiction that shares the same backgroud as the OCA. He gave me a website to find information about his church.

Where to Begin?

One day while searching for information on Serbia, and the war, I found a orthodox website. I found myself looking with great interest at this site, which is unusual for me.

I grew up in ...

Journey to Faith

I was reading your very enjoyable website, and had a question about your statements regarding faith:

" There are basically two aspects to faith; one might even say two meanings of fa...

Encouraging / Discouraging Conversion

I once read that the official position of Judaism on people who wanted to join that faith was to deliberately discourage them three times before accepting their wish to become Jews. Does Orthodoxy...

Unity, Evangelism, and Bishops

I am a young college student and I had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you to get your response. What has concerned me greatly about my church -- the Orthodox Church -- is that there doesn't...

Buddhism and Conversion to Orthodoxy

I have been reading about religions, starting in the East with Hinduism and Buddhism, and recently arriving at Christianity. Last year, I almost became a Buddhist, but for some reason, the absence...

Armenian Apostolic Church

Where does the Armenian Church fit into Orthodoxy?

Ecumenism & Modernism

Does St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary, as well as all Churches/organizations under the jurisdiction of the OCA, teach ecumenism and modernism?

Ecumenism & Church Leaders

I am wondering what is the position of the patriarchs and bishops with regards to that ecumenical movement. I have heard disturbing reports that the leaders of our church are fanatical in wanting ...

Membership in Ecumenical Groups

Would you respond to my question why the OCA and SCOBA continues to participate in the WCC and the NCC? I have enclosed a copy of a post from the Orthodox Christianity list at Indiana University w...

Orthodox Worship vs. Contemporary Worship

I get in arguments all the time with my boyfriend about churches. He is Lutheran and I am Orthodox and all the time I tell him about how the Orthodox church is the original, whole and unchanged. H...

What about other Christians ...?

You talk as if only the Orthodox who believe these things can be saved. What about other Christians and all other men in the world?

Christmas and Protestant Carols

I converted to Orthodoxy two years ago and, while I do not regret my decision, I have to admit that during the Christmas season, I find myself missing the Protestant church I grew up in and raised...

The Goals of Christianity and Buddhism

I recently read a statement by an Orthodox author that said, "The goal of Christianity is radically different than the goal of Buddhism, Hinduism, etc." The goal of Buddhism is the relief of huma...

Orthodoxy and Astrology

I'm fully aware that the Orthodox Church forbids astrology. But once, out of idle curiosity, I looked up my astrological sign and read about the personality type. It matched my personality nea...

Salvation through grace, faith and/or good deeds

ANSWER - Faith and Works : A Letter from St. Macarius of Optina

Salvation in Christ. ..



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