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Teachings of Orthodoxy


What is the Orthodox attitude toward circumcision?

Terminology: Services / Absolution / Cremation

Where can one obtain the names of the many orthodox devotional service -- I'm not speaking of the Divine Liturgy or the Hours -- in parallel columns with greek terms and slavic terms co-ordinated?...

Original Sin

I would like to know what is the orthodox canon regarding the "original sin." The following confuse me:

Father Michael Azkoul states that God punished man only once for the orig...

St. Augustine & Original Sin

Is it true, as I have been told, that the Orthodox Church does not celebrate Augustine of Hippo as a Saint and has no doctrine of original sin.

Surely human sufficience is at the root of ...

St. Augustine & Original Sin

Can you comment on this: "Blessed Augustine is respected in the Orthodox Church as a teacher, because of his wonderful defense of the Church's teachings against the various heresies of his ti...

Mary / Prayer / Death

What are your beliefs about the Virgin Mary -- most particularly do you pray to her?

Why do you pray for the departed? The Bible clearly says it is appointed unto man once to die and afte...

Sign of the Cross Direction

Is there an explanation for why Eastern Christians make the sign of the cross from the right should to the left, while Western Christians make the sign of the cross from the left shoulder to the r...

Speaking in Tongues / Miracles

I am president of a motorcycle ministry, most likely not compatible with orthodoxy? I am a former Roman Catholic, presently worshiping in a Pentecostal church. What is the position of the Orthodox...


I was wondering why -- and I assume this came before the Catholic/Greek split -- the church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.

I never realized it until a Jewish friend mentione...

Faith and Works

A protestant told me that just believing in Jesus is enough to get one into heaven. This isn't what I was taught, or is my memory incorrect? Please clarify this. These born-again Christians can be...

Two Christmas Days

I have a question regarding selebration of Christmas. I am Orthodox, my >husband comes from a family with one parent Jewish person and the other Protestant. Their family has always celebrated C...

What is the proper name for the Orthodox Church?

What is the proper name for the Orthodox Church? One sees so many, and of such different variety!

How is the Orthodox Church organized and held together as one worldwide Church?

This leads one to think of Orthodoxy as a very looselyorganized body. How is the Orthodox Church organizedand how is it held together as one worldwide Church?

Unity in the truth and love of God

You talk about the Church as unity in the truth and love of God. What do you mean by this?

Christ, the Son of God

You will have to be more specific than. You called Christ the Son of God. This is a common phrase. What do you actually mean by it?

The Trinity

You have mentioned Christ, the Holy Spirit and God the Father. Can you say something more about the Trinity?

Experience of God and Communion with God

You also keep speaking about the experience of God and communion with God. Do you really believe that these things are possible for men?

Life in this world

If this is so, how do you understand life in this world right now? What is it that men should do?

Kingdom of God

You talk about the Kingdom of God continually. What is this Kingdom of God?

Chrysostom and the Wise Stewardship of Our Money

Recently I came across some quotes from St. John Chrysostom concerning wealth which I find disturbing. First, he writes, “our money is the Lord's, however we may have gathered it.” Second, God al...

Faith and Works

I was reading your answers about faith and life. I have been raised to believe that grace is all that is necessary for salvation... no works. But having read the verse from James that you quoted...



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