English Languages

In Communion -  A quarterly journal published by the Orthodox Peace Fellowship. The journal encourages those trying to live the peace of Christ amidst division and conflict.

The Orthodox Observer -  "Monthly publication of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America featuring news on the Orthodox Church, Archdiocese, Dioceses, profiles, and editorials." In Adobe Acrobat format.

Re-generation magazine -  A quarterly that "addresses the distinctive experiences, concerns, and perspectives of the rising generation of orthodox Christians - many of whom are moving in and out of the confessional, cultural, and political traditions of the moment. Offers cultural criticism and vigourous debate about moral, political, and theological issues."

Orthodoxy Today -  Features articles examining contemporary social and cultural issues primarily from an Orthodox Christian viewpoint, but also includes articles from authors of other traditions.

Again Magazine -  A quarterly by Conciliar Press. It bills itself as "A call for the people of God to return to their roots in historic Orthodoxy once . . . AGAIN."

The Handmaiden Magazine -  A quarterly women's magazine covering childrearing and education, women's ministry, spirituality and Orthodox life, women's roles and relationships.

Redeeming the Time -  An almost weekly "spiritual journal" from St Nicholas Orthodox Church, Dallas, Texas. Concentrates on the current Sunday, and the upcoming week with Catechetical material, Lives of saints, Sayings of the Fathers, Scripture commentary, Local news, news of interest to Orthodox Christians and especially those in the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. Also available via email.

Orthodox America Magazine -  Published 8 times per year, articles on Orthodox family, book reviews, news.

Foma -  "An Orthodox Christian Journal for Doubting Thomases"

True Vine, The -  Published quarterly by the Holy Orthodox Church in North America. More than a Diocesan publication, also includes translations and articles of general interest to all Orthodox.

Jacob's Well -  Official e-zine of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey featuring news and topical articles of Orthodox faith.

The Orthodox Vision -  Official publication for the Diocese of the West of the Orthodox Church in America.

Shroro: The Syriac Orthodox Christian Digest -  A monthly e-magazine containing news about the Syriac Orthodox Church.

Christian Life, The -  Quarterly publication of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, with articles about the History, Teachings and Practices of the Orthodox Church. Editor: V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse

The Christian Light of Life Magazine -  A Christian Ecumenical Magazine published on first day of every month for Kerala Christians (Orthodox, Jacobite, Marthoma, Catholic, CSI) spread around the world.

Little Falcons Magazine review -  Review of an Orthodox Christian magazine for young children.

Children of the Church: A Traditional Orthodox Youth Newsletter -  A seasonal newsletter (4 issues per year) for and by Orthodox youth to encourage youth in their struggle for salvation. A ministry of St. Nicholas ROCOR, Dallas, Texas.

Struggler, The -  Published three times a year by the Holy Orthodox Church in North America.

Orthodox Word, The -  A bimonthly magazine that introduces English speakers to ancient orthodox Christianity. By the St. Herman Brotherhood.

Orthodox News of America (ONA) Newsletter -  Published quarterly. "Focusing on the day to day reality of our Orthodox Faith and teaching the doctrines of Orthodoxy to all Americans." George A. Mandalou, Editor.

Orthodox Quote for the Day -  Short quotes from saints of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. From the personal reading of Keith C. Wilkerson. Posted daily.

Death to the World review Reader Online article "Punks to Monks" that talks about former punks producing an Orthodox zine called "Death to the World".