1. January 8, 2005 - Baptism of Christopher James Puiu, son of Cristian & Cristina Puiu. Godmother: Janet Bravo. (click here for picture).


  1. On January 09 2005, Alexander Goga, the son of Constantin & Magdalena Goga, born on July 25 2004,  received the Holy Baptism in our church. Godparent: Constantin Goga (a cousin of the baby’s father, bearing the same name).


  1. January 29, 2005 - Baptism of Seth David Bruer, son of Scott Bruer & Cristine Anne Peterson.  Godparents: Chris Christea & Richard Peterson. Seth was born on November 18, 2004. (click here for picture).


  1. Michelle Jean Kimura, the daughter of Carol and Michael Kimura, born in Honolulu on August 4, 1969, received the Holy Baptism at the Holy Trinity on January 29, 2005. Godparents: Brian & Sue Pottock.


  1. On January 30, 2005, Ariana Ioana Panaitidi, daughter of Toma Cosmin and Raluca Panaitidi received the Holy Baptism in our Church. The honor of godparents: Emil & Eliza Cristea. Ariana was born on January 6, 2005. (click here for picture).


  1. Victoria Amy Popescu, daughter of Nicoleta Rodica & Sorin Gabriel Popescu, born on January 16 2005, received the Holy Baptism on March 5 2005. Godparents: Elena & Dumitru Neagu


  1. On Sunday, March 06, 2005, Natalia Madlen Vassilian, daughter of David & Irina Vassilian, received the Holy Baptism in our Church. Godmother: Rosemary Akoboff. (click here for picture).


8.     On March 26, 2005 - Elijah Hardy Djorsing, born on February 16, 2005, the son of Sven Erik and Cornelia Djorsing received the Sacrament of Baptism in our Church. Godmother: Cristina Iancu. Honorary godfather: Junyong Choe. (click here for Photo-Album).


9.     On Sunday, April 10, 2005 - Stefan Juganu, the baby of Nicholas Juganu Sr. & Monica Juganu, born on February 10, 2005 in Woodland Hills, California, received the Holy Baptism in the Church of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church. The honor of godparents (nasi) belongs to the whole family of our distinguished parishioners: Dan Platt and his wife Paula Matei-Platt, Leontina Matei-Himber (Paula?s sister) and the family's matriarch, Ioana Matei (Leontina & Paula's mother). Officiating clergy: V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse and Fr. Virgil Anton, assistant priest. (click here for Photo-Album).




  1. Svenerik H. Djorsing was received into the Holy Orthodox Faith by Rev. Frs. Bill Clark, Chaplain of the Holy Trinity Chapel, and Constantin Alecse, parish priest, Cristina Iancu & Thomas Frank Boyer, a convert  to Holy Orthodoxy, had the honor of godparents. Picture: The Holy Cristmation.




11.  Manuel Vilcan (nascut in 16 aprilie 1977, in orasul Brasov) & Michelle (Statescu) Vilcan (nascuta la 11 ianuarie 1983) in ziua nuntii (Sambata 12 Martie, 2005, in orasul Arad), El Coronado, San Diego, California. Nasi: Jaqueline Chibarian si Joseph Aslanyan. Preot Officiant: Parintele Constantin Alecse. (click here for Photo-Album).



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