1.  Invocation Prayer & priest’s remarks

2.  President’s address and Group discussions


a.  New Council & L.A. Committee elected

i. Action Committees

ii. Ushers & Welcoming Committee

iii. Holy Lent & Easter arrangements


b.  The Building Project

A detailed up-to-date Report to be given through Viaţa Creştină Magazine


c.  Spiritual & Sacerdotal activities

i. Adults

1.  Participation at Church Services

2.  Calendar of  religious activities.

ii. Youth:

1.  Chapel Services

2.  Sunday School Classes

3.  Lenten Retreats

4.  Confession & Communion

5.  Pan-Orthodox Retreats

6.  Bible Bawl (before Christmas)

iii. Parents Club

1.  Establish the parents’ committee

2.  Support the Youth with:

a.  Sundays’ dinners

b.  Initiate social activities, trips.

d.  Social activities:

Sunday School, LAROY, Parents Club.

1.  Group trips, Sports, etc.

a.  Amusement Parks

b.  Mountains (Big Bear, etc.)

c.     Weekly getting-together  (“Seara de tineret)

d.     Special event parties: Birthdays, graduations, promotions, etc.

2.  Representation to National AROY Congress;

3.  Invite AROY’s representatives

4.  Youth exchanges with other Orthodox Churches

    Parishioners & community supporters

1.  Dinners (weekly,  monthly, etc.)

2.  Special Banquets: Easter, Hram (Church Feast-day); Christmas, Mother-day, Fatherday;

3.  National Events: Basarabia’s Day, a July Picnic

4.  Picnics & other social festivities

5.     Cultural Programs with artists from Romania


e. Miscellaneous

f. Closing of Meeting


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