Preparation for Confession (I)


I, a sinful soul, confess to our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ, all of my evil acts which I have done, said or thought from baptism even unto this present day.


First Torment: Idle speech

Second Torment: Lying

Third Torment: Spoke evil of others

Fourth Torment: Gluttony

Fifth Torment: Sloth

Sixth Torment: Stealing

Seventh Torment: Avarice and love of money

Eighth Torment: Usury

Ninth Torment: Injustice

Tenth Torment: Envy

Eleventh Torment: Pride

Twelfth Torment: Anger and Ruthlessness

Thirteenth Torment: Bearing grudges

Fourteenth Torment: Murder

Fifteenth Torment: Magic, sorcery, poisoning, and incantations

Sixteenth Torment: Fornication

Seventeenth Torment: Adultery

Eighteenth Torment: Sodomic sins

Nineteenth Torment: Heresies

Twentieth Torment: Lack of compassion and cruelty of the heart

I have sinned in deed, word, and thought, voluntarily and involuntarily, knowingly and unknowingly, in knowledge and in ignorance, willingly and unwillingly, thoughtfully and thoughtlessly, by day and by night, and it is impossible to enumerate all of my sins because of their multitude. But I truly repent of these and all others not mentioned by me because of my forgetfulness and I ask that they be forgiven through the abundance of the mercy of God.


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