The Romanian Pop Music Orchestra Bosquito

Will perform at the Easter Banquet (2005)

(compiled from an article appeared in "V.I.P." magazine written by Dorinel Artene)

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Bosquito is a story... a story about five Romanian guys who begun to shake the East European charts. Although it's been only two and a half years since the recording of their first album ("Bosquito" - September 2000) and first public appearance (august 2000), Radu (lead singer), Solo (guitars), Mishu (keyboards), Vicky (bass) and Axi (drums) have already been acquainted to success.

The band had three no.1 hits: "Pas cu pas" ("Step by step")

        2000 "Pepita"

        2001 "Doua maini" ("Two hands")

        2002 One record going gold ( "Sar scantei" - "Bursting flames" - 2002) by selling over 50,000 copies in Romania only.

They took over 300 concerts (including two national tours) and 70 TV shows. With the latest album (2002) Bosquito managed to break into the East European market by starting touring in the neighboring

countries: Hungary, Russia, Moldavia and more recently Bulgaria.

The next record is expected to be a real sales hit in all these countries.

Their Latin-rock style mixed up with "balkano" influences, their energetic stage performance and natural behavior led them into the heart of the audience. The latest single "Doua maini" ("Two hands")

was chosen the song of the year 2002 in Romania, being no. 1 for 7 weeks (also no. 1 in some Moldavian and Hungarian radio stations).

Their lead singer became known as the "wildest" entertainer in the area.

Might seem enough... but they find it is not! Their dream is that of being the first East European band who really goes international. "We can do it!" said Radu. "We have a lot of energy, lots of songs comin'

on and I feel excited by the idea of "tearing" the musical scenes abroad. We have Balkan influences so we'll try a little originality. It's a challenge that we're willing to take!"

Asked about the european producers and labels, he once answered laughing and joking a little bit: "In the world of art everything is about inspiration... the one who will produce Bosquito should have a lot of it... because we're gonna bring lots of damn money in his pockets!" So five successful musicians are in a quest to find an important producer in order to give them the opportunity to show what they're made of. Let's see what happens now!...


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