CHRISTMAS CARDS offered by Simona Caia



Simona Caia

153 College Avenue, Somerville, MA 02144

Tel. 617-628-9692



Relevant education


1988-1992 MA from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures,

University of Bucharest


1995-1998 Completing three quarters of a MTS at Harvard Divinity School

(uncompleted due to a serious illness).


Work experience




1992-1993 English teacher for intensive language acquisition at Fides Company, Bucharest.

1993-1995 TA in the English language department at the Romanian - American University in Bucharest also teaching English part-time at Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest.




1994-1995 Working for a charitable project under the Student Church in

Bucharest; initiator and coordinator of food distribution and care for

lonely, poor elderly people.

1999-2001 Spent time as a volunteer with elderly from a nursing home, Boston.


Click here for the photo-album

art presentations


2002-2005 Art and theology presentations of Romanian Monasteries and their

frescoes in Boston and surroundings, Los Angeles, Irvine,

Riverside; fundraising for poor elderly people in Romania

card making.


Simona Caia could offer, among others, the following:


Click here for a mini-presentation (sample photo-album) - Best viewed in "SlideShow" Format. First: Click on "View SlideShow", then - Click on "play" (first button - upper row).

       Cards for Christmas - Nativity icons and angels

       Assortment of a variety of Romanian frescoes and churches 

       Cards with icons of the Theotokos

       Cards with icons of Christ

       Cards with icons of the Liturgy

       Cards with churches and their setting


A set of 10 cards - $25+$8 shipping and handling

A set of 5 cards - $13+$7 shipping and handling


Cards description: 5 by 7 inches folding blank card, cream color 1 inch cream border frames the high quality photo mounted on

accompanied by matching envelopes


note 1 - The scans you see do not compare at all with the high quality image of the cards.


Note 2 - I do have an extensive collection of images. Ask and I will be happy to send you more to see and choose. 


Good as a gift to be made to someone dear, or to be used for the individual cards.


The Church albums