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His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel was celebrated at

His 25th Anniversary of Episcopacy


The Pacific Coast Deanery (ROEA)

At the completion of 25 years of episcopacy (1984-2005), the clergy and brethren of the parishes and missions of Romanian Orthodox Episcopate from America and Canada, Vatra Romaneasca, Grass Lake/Jackson, Michigan, decided to celebrate their master, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, during the whole year 2005, through religious and social manifestations coordinated and organized by each deanery.

In the last weekend of October 2005, The Pacific Coast Deanery honored his High Master through social gatherings and religious services organized within 3 parishes of Southern California, namely: Saint Anna Parish from Pomona; Holy Trinity Parish from Los Angeles, and Saint Mary Parish from Anaheim, California.

1. Hierarchical Liturgy at Saint Anne Parish in Pomona

Shepherded by Father Catalin Mitescu, PhD, with co-pastor Father Andrew Lesko, Saint Anna Orthodox Parish from Pomona Valley belonging to the Pacific Coast Deanery, was the first blessed with the presence and Hierarchical service of the celebrated High Master, His Eminency Archbishop Nathaniel, on October 29th, Memorial Saturday.

Accompanied by Very Reverend Father Constantin Alecse, His Eminence Nathaniel was welcomed at the Chapel entrance by the president of the Parish Council, with the traditional salt and bread and by the parish's pastor with The Holy Cross and The Holy Gospel.  The president of the Ladies Auxiliary offered to The High Dignitary a bouquet of flowers.

After the vesting, His Eminency, surrounded by the attending clergy, celebrated The Holy and Divine Liturgy, giving at the end of the service, emotional and spiritual teachings.

The brethren gathered in a surprising multitude, considering the fact that the service was held in a working day, attended afterwards a memorial service (it was Memorial Saturday) offered in the memory of the departed Daniela Mitescu, mother of  Father Catalin Mitescu, who passed away the day before the service, in memory of Father John Limbeson, the founder and first shepherd of Saint Anna Church, as well as in the memory of all the departed, former members of the parish, and for the departed of the parish's family members belonging to this community.

The service was followed by a fraternal lunch offered by the parish in the honor of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, during which His Eminence was offered a gift from the parish and several speeches were given.

The celebration ended with blessings offered by His Eminency to all the participants, and singing of the Hierarchical Hymn “Pre Stăpânul... Întru mulţi ani, Stăpâne!” Many Years, O Master!

2.    Festivities at the Deanery Center
       Hierarchical Liturgy followed by Anniversary Banquet, at Holy Trinity Parish, Los Angeles

Sunday October 30, 2005, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel was honored by the co-serving clergy and brethren of Holy Trinity Parish and by some of the deanery priests that shepherd Romanian churches and missions from other states of the Pacific Coast, made a sacrifice to be with us at this
Holy feast.

Before 10:00 am, at the church entrance, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel was welcomed by Mr. Ion Anton, Parish Council President, with the traditional salt and bread; and with a bouquet of flowers and welcoming greetings by Mrs. Getta Jercan, president of Ladies Auxiliary.

Parish's priest, Father Constantin Alecse, also Archpriest of Pacific Coast Deanery, together with the other eight co-serving priests, welcomed His Eminency with The Holy Gospel and The Holy Cross. The entire procession then set off for the Vesting of the Archbishop and the beginning of Holy Liturgy.

After the vesting, Archbishop Nathaniel blessed into the sub-deaconate the reader Panait-Lucian Cufuioti, offering the brethren gathered in church a spiritual teaching about church hierarchy and serving Christ.

During the Archpastoral Holy Liturgy, His Eminence ordained into Deacon the Sub-deacon Narcis Stoica, belonging to Saint Anna Parish of Pomona Valley.

His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel was surrounded during the service by the following co-serving priests: Very Reverend Father Constantin Alecse, parish priest at Holy Trinity Church and arch-priest of Pacific Coast Deanery; Catalin Mitescu, phD, parish priest at Saint Anna from Pomona; Virgil Suciu,
attaché to Saint John The Baptist from Phoenix, Arizona; Ioan Catana, parish priest at Holy Three Hierarchs from Seattle, Washington; Virgil Anton churched at Holy Trinity Church and servant of Descent The Holy Spirit Chapel from Los Angeles, California;  Andrew Lesko, co serving priest of Saint Anna Church from Pomona, California; William-John (Bill) Clark, from Prescott Arizona, associate and representative of Saint John The Baptist from Phoenix Arizona; Gabriel Bulz, mission priest at Holy Nativity din Albuquerque New Mexico; the newly-ordained deacon Narcis Stoica, Saint Anna Church, Pomona; with V. Rev. Fr. Gabriel Ashie (retired, Antiochian church Saint Luca, from Garden Grove California) partaking during the Holy Liturgy.

At the end of the Holy Liturgy, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel shared with the participants an emotional catechetical teaching.

After the blessing with Holy water, His Eminence, the co-serving priests and participating brethren, gathered together in front of the statue (the icon of the Baptism of Christ) in the church's yard, where they immortalized the historic event on film.

The officiated banquet, offered by Holy Trinity Church in the name of Pacific Coast Deanery, was served in the church hall. Two hundred people attended the service.

During the banquet, a gratifying homage at the 25th anniversary, was presented by the following: arch-priest Constantin Alecse in the name of the clergy and the parish's and missions' brethren of The Pacific Coast Deanery; Mr. Ion Anton and Mrs. Getta Jercan, in the name of the Parish Council and respectively Ladies Auxiliary of the hosting church; reverend fathers William John (Bill) Clark, in the name of Saint John The Baptist from Phoenix, Arizona; Ioan Catana, in the name of Saints Three Hierarchs Parish,
from Seattle, Washington; and Gabriel Bulz, mission priest of Holy Nativity, from Albuquerque New Mexico.

We appreciate the sacrifice made by the family of the General Consul of Romania, Catalin Ghenea that drove for 5-6 hours from San Francisco to Los Angeles, that very morning, just to be with our community at this historic event.

A special thanks in the name of the whole community goes to the distinguished family, Dwight and Vera Luchian-Patton, owners and managers of Clipa Magazine, not only for the honoring us with their presence at this special event, but also for announcing the event in several consecutive issues of Clipa Magazine.

To the Ladies Auxiliary, the organizers of the banquet, we address a rightful thank you for all their sacrifices.

The first part of the banquet ended with a gift offer from the parish to His Eminency Archbishop Nathaniel, and a “huge cake” engraved with the wish "Many Years in Good Health at the 25th Anniversary of Episcopacy".

His Eminence gave a fatherly thanking speech to the banquet organizers, and ended the banquet with a prayer of thanks giving.

3. Archbishop Nathaniel celebrates Vespers at the St. Mary's Parish in Anaheim

Sunday evening on October 30th at 7PM, the Archbishop Nathaniel was greeted by Rev. Fr. Cornel Avramescu, St. Mary's parish priest along with several other co-serving priests and the many faithful.

As customary, the High Hierarch was welcomed by the President of the Parish Council with the traditional salt and bread and a beautiful bouquet of flowers offered by the Lady's Auxiliary.

Rev. Fr. Cornel Avramescu, the Parish's priest, welcomed His Eminence the Archbishop Nathaniel with the Holy Gospel and the Holy Cross.

In procession, the High Hierarch was escorted down the aisle of the church by the co-serving priests for prayers and vesting, accompanied by the melodious hierarchical hymn and of The Holy Mother of God Axios Hymn.

After the typical crossing, His Eminence was escorted to the Episcopal Throne of the church, from where he sent hierarchical blessings until the Evening Entrance of the vespers, after which he went to the Holy Altar to preside The Great Hierarchical Vesper until the end.

His Eminence was surrounded during the Vespers service by Very Reverend Father Constantin Alecse from Holy Trinity Church; Cornel Avramescu, parish priest at Sf. Maria Church, hosting church from Anaheim; Simion Poptelecan, serving under His Eminence Nicolae Condrea (ROAAC); Rev. Fr. Ilarion, from Rohia monastery's skit, visiting the United States, and the newly ordained deacon, Narcis Stoica from St. Ana parish, Pomona. Several altar boys helped during the Vespers Service.

At the end of the vespers, Rev. Fr. Cornel Avramescu, parish priest, gave a welcoming speech on behalf of the parish to His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.

His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel gave a moving catechetical teaching to the faithful and co-serving priests. During the ointment, he shared archpastoral blessings to the impressive number of participants.

Also worthy of mentioning, that during the Vespers Service, the parish's choir offered uplifting and melodious spiritual answers to all the participants.

Afterwards, his Eminence, the co-serving priests and the brethren, attended a hearty dinner in the church's hall, ending with several speeches, a gift for His Eminence and a tasty cake engraved with the wish  "Happy 25th Anniversary to Episcopacy Your Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel".

The evening ended in Anaheim with a speech giving thanks and appreciation by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.

At the conclusion of this article, reflecting over the above mentioned events from Southern California at the end of October 2005, we can state without reserve that a well deserved, successful event was recorded and organized by the Pacific Coast Deanery, at the 25th Anniversary of episcopacy of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel Popp.  

Întru Mulţi Ani, Stăpâne! - Many Years, O Master!
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