crestina:no1-3/2008-Ladies Auxiliary Annual Meeting



2008 – NO.1-3 (Ianuarie-Martie, 2008 ) – VOL. 51, ISSUE 1-3



Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Ladies Auxiliary “St. Constantin & Helen Ladies Aid” annual meeting (parish of Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, Los Angeles, CA), was held in the church, starting 1:00 pm, by Very Rev. Father Alecse.

First item on the agenda: The ROLL CALL . The following 14 members were present: Preoteasa Elena Alecse, Anica Alexe, Mariana Cadia, Mandita Canciu, Nastaca Cociuban, Getta Jercan, Ecaterina Livia Literat, Maridee Moorhead, Victoria Resmeritza, Dumitra Vlaicu, Claudia Parascuta, Marta Radulescu, Maria Clotan, Rev. Father Alecse

Father Alecse asked the secretary to read the minutes from the last meeting of the Ladies' Auxiliary. Minutes approved.

Getta Jercan presents the President's report, which was also presented at the Parish General Assembly. She wants to thank those persons who participated at all the Ladies Auxiliary activities, and wishes all the good luck and good blessings for everyone for this new year.

Preoteasa Elena Alecse, treasurer, presented the audited financial report. Father Alecse acknowledged on behalf of the parish council the donation of $20,000.00, from the Ladies' Auxiliary to Holy Trinity church, offered at the parish general assembly of February 3, 2008, and thanks the Ladies Aid for the wonderful gift presented to the council.

Father Constantin Alecse thanks Mrs. Jercan, Mr. Jercan and everyone who gave their time and effort for the various events, cultural activities like “Direction 5” program, banquets, feast days, etc. Mr. Jercan is recognized for working out all of the details for our cultural events during 2007. The Ladies' Auxiliary is also thanked for their hard work and coordination of the various activities; not only for the food preparation, but the dedication before, during and after the festivities.

The annual ARFORA convention meeting was mentioned, and that Holy Trinity has had a representative in attendance in the past.

President Livia Literat proposed (by a motion) the re-election of the 2007 officers of the Auxiliary for another term, for 2008, seconded by Mrs Maria Clotan, and approved by acclamation, as follows:

President – Getta Jercan; Vice President – Victoria Resmeritza; Secretary – Claudia Parascuta; Auditors – Nastaca Cociuban. Maridee Moorhead; Treasurer – Preoteasa Elena Alecse.

Preoteasa Elena Alecse suggests that Auxiliary dues, which are $20.00, be paid at the beginning of the year. At 2:30 pm.

The meeting adjourned with an invocation by Father Constantin Alecse, parish priest.

Secretary, Maridee Moorhead