2008– NO.10-12 (Octombrie-Decembrie, 2008 ) – VOL. 51, ISSUE 10-12


The 2009 Parish General Assembly Convocation
December 15, 2008

Dear Parish Members,

According to the by-laws of the Episcopate, Art-IX, Sect-25, the Annual Meeting of our Parish General Assembly of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, is called to order for Sunday, February 2, 2009, at 1:00 p.m., immediately after the Divine Liturgy and the light luncheon, in the big hall of the Church (address above) -


1. Opening Prayer
2. Roll-Call
3. Appointment of presidium
4. Approval of 2008 last Parish Council Meeting minutes
5. Reports:

a) Parish priest
b) Parish Council president
c) Ladies Auxiliary president
d) Building committee chairman
e) Maintenance chairman
f) Treasurer's report
g) Building committee treasurer’s report
h) Approval of the 2009 Budget

6. Recommendations of the council
7. Election 2009 Parish council (Nominating committee)
8. Proposals and discussions
9. Closing of meeting

We invite all of the parish members to attend this meeting and contribute with their constructive ideas to the progress of our parish life. The right to vote at the meetings is held only by the ones who have paid their 2008 dues/minimum pledge dues, until December 31, 2008 - according to the membership lists submitted and approved by the Episcopate’s office, and fulfill all the conditions prescribed by the by-laws.


Yours in Christ,


Fr. Constantin Alecse, Parish Priest
Livia Ecaterina Literat, President

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