2008– NO.10-12 (Octombrie-Decembrie, 2008 ) – VOL. 51, ISSUE 10-12


The Story of Marius –

Dasianu Marius Vasile is a 9-year-old Romanian boy who was severely burned in a November 2007 fire in his home that killed both of his parents. When he was admitted to the hospital, he had burns (many fourth-degree) covering 75 percent of his body, including his face. Since then, all of his fingers have been amputated because they were so badly damaged. He was treated in what is considered one of
Romania’s most advanced hospitals; however, the treatment received minimal.

We learned about Marius from Ashley Ludlow and Jessica Free, Brigham Young University students who are volunteering at the Romanian hospital where he is being treated.

Hearing this sweet little boy’s story has touched Ashley’s and Jessica’s families, who have now formed Team Marius, an organization dedicated to raising money to bring Marius to the United States for treatment. We are currently working with the Children's Burn Foundation and Shriners Hospitals and Marius has been accepted for treatment! When children are accepted, all medical expenses are taken care of by the foundations. Should he be accepted they will be able to help with his medical expenses; however, we are still trying to raise money to cover a number of other expenses involved in this complex process, including travel costs, translator fees, legal fees, document application fees, medical expenses, etc.

Our team has set up the Marius Burn Fund at Wells Fargo to accommodate donations. If you are interested in donating to this cause, you can either go to any Wells Fargo and make a deposit directly to the fund or send a check made out to the Marius Burn Fund to 3091 Davencourt Loop, Lehi, UT 84043. All donations will go entirely toward this effort to help Marius.

Jessica Free wrote, “I saw a picture of Marius before he was burned and you could see the light in his eyes. Seeing that picture made me want to do all I could to give him a normal life. There is only so much I can do here in Romania and I do it. I can give him my love and I can visit him everyday and hopefully start to heal his heart, but his physical scars need healing (too).”

We may come across situations like these only once in a lifetime. We are excited for the opportunity to serve. We hope you will join our efforts in helping Marius. He has suffered more than any child should, and we know he would benefit so much from the medical expertise and nurturing care he would receive here. We know that with your support we can make that happen. Here are some simple ways you can get involved... Despre implicarea comunitatii noastre - The Romanian Orthodox Community of the Holy Trinity Romania n Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California, made appeals - in Church and through the Internet - for donations. So far, the community contributed with thousands of dollars (one collection in Church - over $ 600.00) added to thousand of dollars donations made afterwards in church, and on line, according to the statements of so many volunteers.

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