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2008– NO.10-12 (Octombrie-Decembrie, 2008 ) – VOL. 51, ISSUE 10-12


Forty Days private commemoration


(Reflections from a member of the family)

On Saturday, July 19, a forty (40) days memorial was held at the Holy Trinity, marking the departure of Alice Celse of France, taken away tragically from her family.

Alice remains alive in the souls of her family, close relatives and everyone who knew her; alive for all those that loved her and cannot comprehend that tragic events (accidents) can actually happen … “ today we are alive, well and sound, and just a moment later we vanish…” in just a split of the moment.

It is hard to accept this, but our belief in God gives us strength and shows us the way to better thoughts, to wise actions, to understand ourselves better.

In my soul I am at peace as all that happened after Alice's tragic disappearance was extraordinary, just as her pure soul. I've experienced such an unique warmth and kindness form everyone around, from the many friends and family that loved Alice and shared good times with her…

We know that her spirit is with us always and everywhere we'll go, it will be with those that she loved and in places she always desired the most.

May God rest her soul in peace! The Family

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