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2010 – NO.1-3 (Ianuarie-Martie, 2010) – VOL. 53, ISSUE 1-3

IMO Constantin Jercan


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Born in Silisteni-Costesti, in the Arges District, Romania, in 1944, of Petre & Elena Jercan, Orthodox parents, Constantin went through elementary schooling in Homoraciu Commune, near Teleajen (Ploiesti).

After the High School graduation he pursued his College Education in Ploiesti.
Although he did live his youth in the middle of the communistic era, when everyone and everything was restricted for the "common man", Constantin was fascinated by the free market economy, practiced by the capitalistic society, therefore he decided to enroll in the College of Commerce, in Ploiesti, from where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in "Business, Management & Commerce", thus enabling him not only to successfully work in this field, for the Commerce Market in Ploiesti (until 1982, when he immigrated in the USA), but to also continue this trade in the States, until present.

His parents, persecuted by the communist regime in Romania, immigrated in America at the begining of 1981.

A year later (in 1982), Constantin, his wife Getta (nee Constantinescu) and his 2 children, born in Romania, joined his parents in Minneapolis, Minnesotta (through the reunification of the family process), first - living for a few months in MN - then, settling permanently in Los Angeles, California.

Arriving in Los Angeles, at the end of 1982, besides working a regular job in construction, during the day, Constantin went to pursue his studies, during the evening vocational training, getting and maintaining active his Licenses in Commerce, Real Estate, Management and General Contractor's.

Constantin and his wife Getta took employment with "Stanley Management", a big Managerial Company in Southern California, presently supervising and managing quite a few income properties in Southern California.

Arriving in California, at the same time when (V.Rev.) Father Constantin Alecse took charge of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, Los Angeles, Constantin and his family applied for parish membership at once, with the desire of helping the pastor and the church.

Eversince 1982, up to the present, the Jercan Family, continued unceseasingly to support the church, both personally and materially, himself, as well as his wife, thus fulfilling various callings and duties such as: parish council member, later on Chairman of the Board, chairman of the building project; (while his wife, Getta, had leading roles in the parish Ladies Aid: secretary, auditor, president - for many terms-, chair-woman of dinners, banquets and special activities' projects, etc.)

On February 4, 2010 Constantin Jercan passed on.

Wake Service; Friday February 19, 2010;

Funerals: Saturday, February 20, 2010.

Wake Service: Friday evening February 19, 2010 - In the presence of more than 100 participants, Friday evening, February 19, 2010, the “priveghi” (saracusta), was held. The officiating priest: Fr Constantin Alecse, assisted by the sub-deacon: Gabriel Vamvulescu, church cantors.

Eulogies were delivered by: The children and the grieving widow of the deceased: Michael, George, Catalin and Getta, brother Nick and sister Nicoleta (of Minesota), on theirs and their mother’s behalf, business owners’ Paul and Windy Johnsons & the Church Vicar: Dean Constantine Alecse.

Burial: The funeral was officiated on Saturday, February 20, 2010, by the parish priest, Dean Constantine Alecse, assisted by the cantors.

Eulogies: By grandchildren Benny and Lora, grandson Paul Mantea, on behalf of the family in Ploiesti; Ion Anton (church trustee I), Livia E. Literat (family friend & collaborator), Marian Serban (Council’s Chairman) & Dean Constantin Alecse. Burial took place at Forest Lawn Cemetery, Hollywood Hills, and pomana, was served in the parish hall. May God give him “Eternal Memory!”