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- a biographical sketch -



I. Biography and professional achievements


Panait Cufuioti, is a United States citizen, and is single (never married).


He was born from Orthodox Parents, in Constanta, Romania on 12/30/1963.


At the beginning of 1964 he was baptized in the Name of the Holy Trinity in the local church in Constanta, Romania, receiving the name of Panait-Lucian.


Although he was born and grew-up during the time when Romania had a communist-atheistic regime, his parents gave him the religious instruction at home, taking him to church as often as feasible.


After the high school graduation he attended the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and in 1989 he received a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering.


He worked in the electrical/mechanical field for 9 years both in Romania and in the US.


In 1999 he attended the Chubb Institute (New Brunswick, NJ) as a full time student and received a Diploma in Network Engineering and Data Communication.


Between 1999-2002 he worked as a Network Administrator for Visiting Nurse Association in Staten Island, NY.


In 2002 he moved to California and for 3 years he worked as an independent system administrator consultant for various businesses.


Among others:

  • MetWest, a securities lending firm, located in Los Angeles.

  • In January 2005 I started working as a systems administrator for the outsourcing (consulting company Unisys), Mission Viejo, CA.

  • Presently, I am working in Los Angeles for one of their clients, FOX Networks.

A more detailed description of his professional qualifications, and employment history could be found in “Exhibit “A”, “ Professional Qualifications – Systems Administrator ”, herewith attached.


II. Participation in the Church Services and pastoral activities


In the religious field, especially after the College graduation, Panait worshiped in many Orthodox Churches, both in Romania, and the United States.


Since 2002, when I have settled in California, together with his sister Daniela, the Cufuiotis went continuously to worship with the clergy and faithful of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, in Los Angeles, California, which we could rightly call our “home-parish”.


In the first few years of my adolescent life he was living his faith according to “the unsophisticated piety he had inherited from his parents, and the limited religious instruction he had received at home”.


Later-on in life, he felt the need to get closer to God, to acquire more knowledge about the church, the Orthodox Faith and Liturgical practices; “to continuously grow” spiritually and intellectually in the Orthodox Church; “to better serve the Lord” as a “Holy Altar helper”, etc.


Under the guidance of his spiritual father and confessor (V.Rev.Fr.Constantin Alecse, parish priest of the Holy Trinity ROC), he has started to read “instructional materials” in the Orthodox Faith: Study the Holy Bible and Tradition, the Catechism, Dogmatics, Church History, Liturgics and Church Music, Patristics and Pastoral Theology, etc.

On Sunday, October 30th 2005, at the recommendation of the parish priest and the council of the church, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel tonsured reader Panait Lucian into the sub-deaconate position (lower-clergy rank), on behalf of and for the Holy Trinity parish in Los Angeles.

As a sub-deacon, and a church sacristan he had fulfilled many duties entrusted to him by the Church pastors (Rev. Fathers Constantin Alecse, parish priest, and William Clark, co-pastor, himself a graduate of St. Stephen's Course of Studies in Orthodox Theology):

  • Serve as an acolyte in the Holy Altar;

  • Set-up the chapel for the Sunday Services;

  • Set-up the Church for the Royal Events: Holy Pascha, Christmas, Church's Feast-Day, etc.

  • Do the readings for the Matins and Vesper Services;

  • Organize processions at special Services and events;

  • Help the clergy with a variety of services out-side the Church: Funerals, memorials, blessing of homes and business;

  • Accompany the priests during the pastoral visits: visitation of the sick in hospitals, convalescent homes and/or at home; annual visitations at the Epiphany and blessing of the faithful indwelling; visitation at Christmas times with the caroling groups, etc.

Sub-deacon Panait Lucian Cufuioti is presently enrolled at St. Stephen's Course of Studies in Orthodox Theology, working diligently towards receiving his Masters of Divinity Diploma.

For some private pictures, click here. For pictures from the event of tonsure to sub-deaconate, click here.


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