Ştiri din protoieria Coastei Pacificului(ROEA)



(UP TO APRIL 30, 2002)


The following is a summary of the main deanery activities for the above-stated period:




August 25 and 26, 2001 - Consecration of the Phoenix (Arizona) Church

Glendale, Arizona - St. John the Baptist Parish was consecrated over the weekend of

August 25 and 26, 2001.


Among the Deanery's priests present for the consecration: V. Rev. Constantin Tofan, Constantin Alecse, Catalin Mitescu, George Oanca, Filimon Barbos, Danut Suciu, Vasile Parau; then, visiting from Canada, Daniel Nenson, from Minnesota, Ioan Poptelecan, and the subdeacons William John Clark, John Lazar and Tom Rosco. Detailed article in the “Solia”, at -


February 21-28, 2002 - Archbishop Nathaniel at some of the Episcopate's parishes and missions in California, during February 21-28, 2002. Reportage -


San Jose/San Francisco – Saturday St. Policarp of Smyrna Feastday, 23 February 2002, at 10:30 am –

Divine Liturgy, luncheon and meetings, Holy Cross parish (Rev.Fr. Constantin Lapustea, parish priest).


Pomona - Sunday 24 February 2002, at 10:00 am – Divine Liturgy and banquet at St. Anne's parish (Rev.Fr.dr.Catalin Mitescu, parish priest)


Anaheim – Sunday evening 24 February 2002, at 6:30 pm – Vespers Service, fellowship at St. Mary's parish (Rev.Fr.Cornel Avramescu, parish priest)


Los Angeles – Wednesday, 27 February 2002, at 10:00 am – St. Raphael of Brooklyn's Feastday – Divine Liturgy, luncheon; with the ROEA Pacific Coast Deanery meeting to follow. During the Hierarchical Service, His Eminence will bless 3 readers for Holy Trinity: Petru-Gabriel Vamvulescu, Irinel Dumitrascu & Iosif Razvan Bena.


Sacramento – Saturday, 2 nd of March 2002, Vespers Service and meeting with the parish council; Sunday, 3 rd March 2002, at 10:00 am – the Hierarchical Liturgy




Fr. Danut Palancean , was appointed temporary priest at St. Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church in Las Vegas, Nevada – Effective 1 December 2001


Fr. Mirel Tudose, sent to Nashville Tennessee , to temporarily serve the Romanian Orthodox Mission, immediately after the Orthodox Pascha.


Subdeacon William John Clark was ordained into the Holy Deaconate by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel on Sunday August 26, 2001, during the Divine Liturgy at the consecration of the Phoenix (Arizona) Church. Deacon John is ordained for service to the


Holy Trinity Parish, Los Angeles, California.


Readers blessed for the Holy Trinity Church in Los Angeles

3 theologians: Petru-Gabriel Vamvulescu, Irinel Dumitrascu & Iosif Razvan Bena, were tonsured as readers for the Holy Trinity Church in Los Angeles, on Wednesday, 27 February 2002, before the beginning of the Hierarchical Liturgy.




Deanery Meeting - 27 February 2002, at 10:00 am – St. Raphael of Brooklyn's Feast-day - at the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox parish in Los Angeles, California; His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel presided. 14 clergymen attended: His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, Reverend Fathers Constantin Tofan, Constantin Alecse, Cãtãlin Mitescu, Cornel Avramescu, Dãnut Pãlãnceanu, Florin Mihalache, Ioan Cãtana, Virgil Anton, deacons Vasile Simonca and William John Clark, readers Petru-Gabriel Vamvulescu, Ioan-Irinel Dumitrascu and Iosif-Rãzvan Bena.




Reports- Administration

All priests gave reports, about their parishes' lives: spiritual endeavors, administration, future plans, etc.


Education and spiritual endeavors:

Sunday Schools, parish services, retreats, pan-orthodox participation, etc.


Programs and inter-action: Episcopate/Deanery/Parishes

•  Exchange of weekly/monthly/quarterly bulletins among deanery's parishes and missions.

•  E-mail communications.

•  Exposure of the Deanery's parishes and missions through the web-page:


•  Feasibility of Deanery Summer Camps

•  Election of officers

•  Establishment of a Deanery Budget


IV . Communications


The ROEA informational bulletin, letters received from the Episcopate's head-quarters (ie – clergymen's departure, etc.) were communicated by the Deanery office to all the Deanery's clergymen.



A deanery Web page was created at –

Web pages were also created for some parishes and missions of the deanery, and Deanery E-mail data-base was established to better communicate among the Deanery parishes, missions and clergymen.


Submitted by V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Dean

The Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America - Pacific Coast Deanery






I. Parishes and Missions yearly contributions



St. John the Baptist (Glendale - parish) $ 100.00

St. Paraskeva (Phoenix - mission) $ 50.00



St. Mary (Anaheim, parish) $ 100.00

St. Anne/ (Pomona Valley/parish) $ 100.00

St.John the Evangelist (Claremont/mission) $ 50.00

Holy Resurrection (Hayward (parish) $ 100.00

Holy Trinity (Los Angeles – parish) $ 100.00

Holy Archangels (Palm Springs – mission) $ 50.00

Holy Archangels (Sacramento – parish) $ 100.00

Holy Cross (San Jose – mission) $ 50.00



St. Mary (mission) $ 50.00



Descent of the Holy Spirit (Oregon City - mission) $ 50.00

St. Mary (Portland – parish) $ 100.00



Three Hierarchs (Seattle – mission) $ 50.00


Sub-total: $ 1,050.00


II. Priests and parishes special contributions

Sub-total: $ 500.00


III. Special events/dinners, mission appeals, etc.

Sub-total: $ 500.00


IV. Other contributions

Sub-total: $ 450.00

TOTAL (INCOME) $ 2,500.00






I. Department of Missions

ROEA headquarters $ 2,000.00

Sub-total: $ 2,000.00


II. Deanery Administration

Telephone $ 0.00

Printing/Stationary $ 0.00

Mail/Postage $ 0.00

Office expenses $ 0.00

Sub-total: $ 0.00


III. Internet Advertising (web pages: deanery, parishes events)


Web pages designing:

Deanery $ 0.00

Parishes/Missions $ 0.00

Server hosting $ 0.00

Search Engine fees $ 0.00

Sub-total: $ 0.00


IV . Extra-ordinary expenses by missions

Helping new-comers

Religious items

Correspondence &

Long-distance calls

Sub-total: $ 500.00


TOTAL (EXPENSES) $ 2,500.00


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