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(2nd semester of 2003 & 1st semester in 2004)


Currently, the Pacific Coast Deanery has 16 parishes and missions assigned, covering 6 states: Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington State).

During 2003 and first part of 2004 all of the parishes and missions carried on their religious, educational and social programs, as set forth by their clergy and parish councils, according to the schedules published through their “parochial bulletins”, occasional flyers, and/or web-sites (for those parishes that have web-pages).


Due to the geographical distances between the parishes and missions, the deanery could not held deanery meetings as often as it should've, but contacts among the clergy, the Episcopate and deanery, were held year-around, as both Hierarchs of the Episcopate visited the deanery's parishes and missions on several occasions: Parish Pastoral and canonical visits, or special occasions (anniversaries, consecrations and ordinations, the West Coast retreat, etc).


Half of the parishes and missions have web page addresses, using them to better advertise the main church activities, up-coming events and basic information about their churches.


More than half the parishes and missions are currently involved in building projects, while some others have recently completed such programs.

St. John the Baptist Church , Glendale, AZ - Rev. Gheorghe Libotean, Parish Priest
Rev. Virgil Suciu and Rev. Filimon Barbos, Attached




With the building program completed, the parish is presently gearing all its efforts towards the increase of its membership, and the religious education of the young generation.


Hierarchical Visit: Sunday, January 18, 2004, Hierarchical Liturgy by His Grace Bishop Irineu.

St. Parascheva Mission , Phoenix, AZ - Rev. Vasile Parau, Parish Priest



Hierarchical Visit: Saturday, January 17, 2004, Vespers Service by His Grace Bishop Irineu.

The priest and faithful are dedicated to holding regular services and attract more members. However, no significant increase in church membership was noted during 2003, as per the pastor's statement.


Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Church , Anaheim, CA - Rev. Cornel Avramescu, Parish Priest


Web page:


A trimester “Buna-Vestire” Church bulletin (printed and electronic format):


Weekly Sermons -

Hierarchical Visit: Saturday, November 8 (Holy Archangels' Feast day) Hierarchical Liturgy, by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.


Building program: The iconography is almost completed, and arrangements are sought to be made with His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel for the consecration of the Church.

St. John the Evangelist Mission , Claremont, CA - Rev. dr. Catalin Mitescu, Administrator


In 1985, His Grace Bishop Nathaniel (His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel) gave His Blessing to have the St. John the Evangelist Mission established as an “Orthodox presence” at the Claremont Colleges.


Although services are very rarely held at that Mission (as Rev. dr. Mitescu serves regularly at St. Anne Parish), the existence of the Mission on the campus is appreciate by Orthodox students of various Church affiliations.

Holy Resurrection Church , Hayward, CA - Rev. Dumitru Ionescu, Parish Priest

The priest and faithful are dedicated to holding regular services and attract more members.

Holy Trinity Church , Los Angeles, CA - Rev. Constantin Alecse, Parish Priest; Rev. William John Clark, Assistant Priest, Rev Dn. Vasile Simonca, Attached




A Romanian Orthodox Spirituality web site:


The trimester “Viata Crestina” bulletin (printed and electronic format) –


The Building Project web-site: ; Preparations for the 65 th parish anniversary (6-7 November 2004; Finalization, submission for approval by the LA City of the plans for the new Building project and eventually the ground-braking towards the end of 2004;


“Descent of the Holy Spirit Chapel”, as part of the Holy Trinity Church, Los Angeles, CA ; All Sunday Services are held in English, by Rev. William John Clark.


Hierarchical Visits:


•  Pentecost Feast day weekend: Saturday, June 14, 2003 – Great Vespers, and Blessing of the grounds of the new property by His Grace Bishop Irineu; Sunday, June 15 2003 – Hierarchical Liturgy by His Grace Bishop Irineu & Hram Banquet.


•  Sunday, November 9, 2003 – Hierarchical Liturgy by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel; Also His Eminence attended the presentation of the plans for the new Building Project, presented by the Architects;


Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church , Palm Springs, CA

Rev. Liviu Popa was appointed as parish priest in the office vacated through retirement of Rev. Silviu Vasilie. Fr. Vasilie remains as an Attached priest.

The small but very dedicated parishioners of Holy Archangels parish in Palm Springs have completed the building of their new church since 2003, presently awaiting, under the leadership of it's newly appointed priest, the consecration date to be set by His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel.


St. Anne Church , Pomona, CA - Rev. Catalin Mitescu, Parish Priest, Rev. Andrew J Lesko, Assistant Priest, Rev. John Limbeson, Retired




The parish is working aggressively towards increasing its membership, bringing in converts, and from the Pomona Valley's Orthodox Community

Hierarchical Visit: While in California, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel visited, for a vesper service, the community of St. Anne' Orthodox Church, on Saturday, November 8, 2003

SS. Michael and Gabriel Church , Sacramento, CA - Rev. Florin Mihalache, Parish Priest, Rev Dn. Emil Ardelean, [Deacon]


Hierarchical Visits:


Sunday, April 6, 2003 – Hierarchical Liturgy by His Grace Bishop Irineu and ordination to the Holy Deaconate of theologian Emil Ardelean;


November 21, 2003 Holy Unction Service by His Grace Bishop Irineu, and Hierarchical Liturgy on Sunday, November 23.

Holy Cross Mission, San Diego, CA - Rev. Virgil Anton, Parish Priest

The mission reached almost 100 members, and is presently looking to start a “building program”. The mission also publishes a monthly church bulletin (printed format).

Holy Cross Church , San Jose, CA - Rev. Constantin Lapustea, Parish Priest, Rev. Gheorghe G Grigorescu, Retired, Attached


Building program – The parish has purchased a property a few years ago, and currently the architectural plans are submitted for approval to the City of San Jose. Construction is expected to start before the end of 2004.

Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Mission , Las Vegas, NV - Rev. Danut Palanceanu




Hierarchical Visit: Weekend of 11-12 October 2003 Parish Pastoral visit, and Hierarchical Liturgy (Sunday, 12 October) by His Grace Bishop Irineu

Nativity of the Lord Mission, Albuquerque, NM – Although established in the mid-2003, the new mission is still in the “stage of consolidation”; the Episcopate being in the process of assigning a permanent priest to work with the mission's faithful.

Descent of the Holy Spirit Church , Oregon City, OR - Rev. Vasile Muntean, Parish Priest

Building program: The dedicated community of “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”, which started the building of the “Putna” replica Church on January 10, 2002 has almost completed the project.


Hierarchical Visit: While on a pastoral visit to the West Coast, His Grace Bishop Irineu visited the community and officiated the Hierarchical Liturgy (6 September 2003).

Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Church , Portland, OR




Church Bulletin “Cuvantul Romanesc”: hard copy & on the Net.

Hierarchical Visit: On Sunday, September 7, 2003 – Hierarchical Liturgy by His Grace Bishop Irineu, on the occasion of Patron Feast Day.


Building program: Through the retirement of Rev. Romulus Barr, at the end of 2003, the parish received a new parish priest, Rev. Cosmin Vint, who is dedicated to take to completion the building program.


Three Hierarchs Mission , Seattle – Rev. Ioan Catana, Parish Priest




Buletinul lunar “Cuvantul”, de asemenea pe Internet

Building program: In the last few years the parish focused on building a strong community. Now, the parish leadership is gearing all efforts to commence their building program.


ROEA's West Coast Retreat, hosted by P.C.D.

( 4 to 6 November 2004)


Place: The Retreat Center of the Sacred Heart monastery in Alhambra CA.

Presided by: His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel;

Participants - 17 Clergymen: Archpriests Simion Pavel (Chicago, IL), Constantin Alecse (Los Angeles, CA), and Dumitru Paun (Dallas, TX), the priests Cornel Avramescu (Anaheim, CA), dr. Catalin Mitescu (Pomona, CA), Andrew Lesko (Pomona, CA), Ioan Andrisoaia (Vancouver, BC-Canada), Ioan Catana (Seattle, WA), Constantin Lapustea (San Jose, CA), Eugene Rosu (Warren, OH), William John Clark (Los Angeles, CA), Cosmin Vint (Anaheim, CA), the deacon Vasile Simonca (Los Angeles, CA), and the sub deacons Narcis Stoica (Pomona, CA), dr. Iosif Razvan Bena (Los Angeles, CA), and Liviu George Constantinescu (Los Angeles, CA).


Sponsorship of the Pan-orthodox efforts to promote Romanian icon presentation

in Southern California to benefit elderly in Romania

Who is Simona Caia?


Simona Caia, is a young theologian, who has graduated from University of Bucharest, with graduated classes in Orthodox Theology at the Harvard Divinity School and at the Holy Cross Orthodox Theological Seminary.

Since a few years ago she has developed a keen interest in the Romanian monasteries in Northern Moldova, which are unique in the Orthodox world by their exterior iconography.

During a visit in those parts of Romania she took the decision to use her theological skills to put together a slide presentation of these unique monasteries, in order to raise funds for their restoration.

However, after being in Bucharest and witnessing the inhuman conditions of many elderly people (whose monthly pensions do not cover even a fraction of the cost of their medicine, and who have to disconnect their heat over the winter because they cannot afford the heating bill), she decided there is something much more important to restore -- the human dignity of these people.


Simona made a three weeks pan-orthodox presentation, of the Romanian monasteries in Northern Moldova, unique in the Orthodox world by their exterior iconography, at the beginning of 2004, at Greek, Antiochian and Romanian churches, in Southern California, including the Holy Cross Theological Seminary.


Because of her limited time here, she only gave four presentations in the area, at the St. Nicholas Antiochian Cathedral in Los Angeles, at the St. Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, at the St. Andrew Antiochian Orthodox Church in Riverside, and at the Lifegiving Spring Orthodox Bookstore in Glendale.


The latter presentation was organized by the St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, and was well attended both by members of that church and members of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church.


V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Dean Dr. (sub-deacon) Razvan-Iosif Bena, Secretary






I. Parishes and Missions yearly contributions:



St. John the Baptist (Glendale - parish) $ 100.00

St. Paraskeva (Phoenix - mission) $ 50.00



St. Mary (Anaheim, parish) $ 100.00

St. Anne/ (Pomona Valley/parish) $ 100.00

St.John the Evangelist (Claremont/mission) $ 50.00

Holy Resurrection (Hayward (parish) $ 100.00

Holy Trinity (Los Angeles – parish) $ 100.00

Holy Archangels (Palm Springs – mission) $ 50.00

Holy Archangels (Sacramento – parish) $ 100.00

Holy Cross (San Jose – mission) $ 50.00

Holy Cross (San Diego – mission) $ 50.00



St. Mary (mission) $ 50.00



Holy Nativity mission $ 50.00



Descent of the Holy Spirit (Oregon City - mission) $ 50.00

St. Mary (Portland – parish) $ 100.00



Three Hierarchs (Seattle – mission) $ 50.00


Sub-total: $ 1,150.00


II. Priests and parishes special contributions

Sub-total: $ 600.00


III. Special events/dinners, mission appeals, etc.

Sub-total: $ 500.00


IV. Other contributions

Sub-total: $ 450.00


TOTAL (INCOME) $ 2,600.00






I. Department of Missions

ROEA headquarters $ 2,000.00


Sub-total: $ 2,000.00


II. Deanery Administration

Telephone $ 0.00

Printing/Stationary $ 0.00

Mail/Postage $ 0.00

Office expenses $ 0.00


Sub-total: $ 0.00


III. Internet Advertising (web pages: deanery, parishes events)


Web pages designing:


Deanery $ 0.00

Parishes/Missions $ 0.00

Server hosting $ 0.00

Search Engine fees $ 0.00


Sub-total: $ 0.00


IV . Extra-ordinary expenses by missions


Helping newcomers

Religious items

Correspondence &

Long-distance calls


Sub-total: $ 600.00


TOTAL (EXPENSES) $ 2,600.00


V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Dean Dr. (sub-deacon) Razvan-Iosif Bena, Secretary


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