Raportul protoiereului pe 2005-2006



- Annual Report 2005-2006 -


HIGHLIGHTS - Some of 2005-2006 ROEA's Pacific Deanery Activities: initiated, organized, presided and/or attended by Fr. Constantin Alecse, dean.



Holy Resurrection Church, Hayward, California – May 21, 2005.

St. Mary's, Portland, Oregon – April 29, 2006

Descent of the Holy Spirit, Oregon City, Oregon – June 16-17, 2006

Three Hierarchs (ground-breaking blessing), Seattle, WA – June 2006.




+ Rev. Fr. John Limbeson


GARDEN GROVE, CALIFORNIA - The wake Service, Monday August 22, 2005, and Funerals, Tuesday August 23, 2005, by His Eminence +Archbishop Nathaniel, surrounded by 2 Hieromonks, 16 priests and 3 deacons from various church jurisdictions. Services were held at St. Luke Antiochian Orthodox Church in Garden Grove, CA. Internment: Friday, August 26, 2005 at the Transfiguration Monastery, Ellwood City, PA.


+ Rev.Fr. Gheorghe Grigorescu


SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - The Reverend Father Gheorghe Grigorescu, fell asleep in the Lord on Friday, 7 October 2005. Service of Burial of a Priest: Friday October 14, 2005, by a sobor of 4 priests: V Rev Fr Constantin Alecse, dean, Rev Fr Constantin Lapustea, parish priest of Holy Cross Mission, Rev. Fr. Claudiu Lutai and Rev. Fr. Gheorghe Naghi Internment: "Lima Cemetery" in Fremont, CA. (



In the light of 25th Anniversary of Episcopacy of HE Archbishop Nathaniel, during 2005, a meeting of the Hierarchs with the deans took place on Bright Thursday, May 5, 2005 at the Ascension Monastery in Detroit.

In the Pacific Deanery, the celebrations were held as follows: Pomona (Saturday, 10/29-2005) ; Los Angeles (Sunday, 10/30-2005) ; Banquet (Sunday, 10/30-2005) ; Anaheim – Vespers (10/30-2005)




ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA: ROEA's annual retreat (7-10 November 2005) at "Sacred Heart" Catholic Monastery. Participants: The diocesan hierarchs, and some 30 active clergy in our Episcopate's parishes and missions from USA and Canada. Duration: Four days of spiritual living, daily prayers, divine services, clergy confessions, theological lectures and pastoral matters. ENGLISH: SOLIA, October 2005, No.#10, pages 4-6). ROMANIAN: SOLIA, December 2005, No. 12/2005, pp.18-19 cont'd) – Photos :




The dean of ROEA'S Pacific Coast Deanery, concelebrated at various Romanian and pan-orthodox services: Divine Liturgy, vespers, baptisms, weddings and funerals; presided the special assembly at Descent of the Holy Church, Oregon City, OR; building projects in San Jose, Los Angeles, etc.




The Pacific Coast Deanery ( ) , one of the 7 Deaneries of the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of America, has 18 parishes and missions assigned, covering 7 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington State.

During the last semester of 2005 and first part of 2006 all of the parishes and missions carried on their religious, educational and social programs, as set forth by their clergy and parish councils, according to the schedules published in their parish bulletins, occasional flyers.

Due to the geographical distances between the parishes and missions, the deanery did not have deanery meetings as often as it should have. However, contacts among the clergy, the Episcopate and the deanery, were held year-round. More than half of the parishes and missions are currently involved in building projects, while some others have recently completed such programs.




St. John the Baptist Church , Glendale, AZ - Rev Fr Alin Munteanu, Parish Priest, Fr. William John Clark, assistant, and Rev. Virgil Suciu and Rev. Filimon Barbos, attached.

Services were held in both: Romanian, by V Rev Fr Alin Munteanu, parish priest and English, by Fr. William John Clark, assistant. Hierarchical Visits: Feast-day of the Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem, April 24, 2005, His Grace Bishop Irineu celebrated with the faithful of St. John the Baptist Church.



St. Parascheva Mission, Phoenix, AZ - Rev. Vasile Parau, Parish Priest

Hierarchical visits: The parish priest and faithful did attend the Hierarchical Services that were held at the St. John the Baptizer parish in Glendale, AZ; The priest and faithful are dedicated to holding regular services and attract more members. Web-page:




Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Church, Anaheim, CA - Rev. Cornel Avramescu, Parish Priest.

Hierarchical visits: On the occasion of 25 th Anniversary of Episcopacy, Archbishop Nathaniel celebrated, on Sunday evening, October 30, 2005, the Great Vespers Service, along with Rev. Fr. Cornel Avramescu, the parish priest, and several other co-serving priests and the many faithful.

At the invitation of the parish priest and the faithful, His Grace Bishop Irineu celebrated Pascha 2006, presiding at the Holy Resurrection (midnight Service), with the faithful of the St. Mary's in Anaheim.

The iconography is almost complete, and arrangements are sought to be made with His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel for the consecration of the Church.

A trimester church bulletin “Buna-Vestire” is printed, with an electronic format version. Web page:


St. John the Evangelist Mission, Claremont, CA - Rev. dr. Catalin Mitescu, Administrator

In 1985, His Grace Bishop Nathaniel (His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel) gave His Blessing to have the St. John the Evangelist Mission established as an “Orthodox presence” at the Claremont Colleges.

Although services are very rarely held at that Mission (as Rev. dr. Mitescu serves regularly at St. Anne Parish), the existence of the Mission on the campus is appreciated by the Orthodox students of various Church affiliations.


Holy Resurrection Church, Hayward, CA - In the 2 nd semester of 2005, at his request, Rev. Dumitru Ionescu, Parish Priest, was granted a leave of absence. Effective July 1, 2005, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel appointed Fr. Claudiu Lutai as the new parish priest. The priest and the faithful are dedicated to holding regular services and attracting more members.

Hierarchical visits: During May 19-22, 2005 both ROEA's Hierarchs were present in California South Bay area, performing the following services: Saturday, May 21, 2005 – Consecration of the Church by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel and His Grace Bishop Irineu; then (in the evening) The Great Hierarchical Vespers Service.

On Sunday May 22, 2005: Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, was pontificated in the Holy Resurrection parish by His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, while His Grace Bishop Irineu, pontificated the Hierarchical Liturgy at the Elevation of the Holy Cross Church in San Jose, California.

At the weekend of the Feast-day of Entry into Jerusalem of the Lord Jesus Christ, April 15 and 16, 2006 His Grace Bishop Irineu made a visit, and pontificated the Hierarchical Liturgy for the faithful of the Holy Resurrection parish.



Holy Trinity Church, Los Angeles, CA - Rev. Constantin Alecse, Parish Priest; Rev. Fr. Virgil Anton (since September 2004) attached; and Rev. Fr. Deacons dr. Iosif Razvan Bena and Vasile Simonca, attached. At the Descent of the Holy Spirit Chapel, attached to the Holy Trinity parish, the services are held entirely in English by Fr. Virgil Anton for non-Romanian speaking faithful, adults and children.

Events & Hierarchical visits: On the occasion of the 25 th anniversary of Episcopacy, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel was honored, on Sunday October 30, 2005, by the co-serving clergy, and brethren of Holy Trinity Parish, and by some of the deanery priests that shepherd Romanian churches and missions from other states of the Pacific Deanery. At the Hierarchical Liturgy, His Eminence ordained sub-deacon Narcis Stoica to the Holy Deaconate.

The parish publishes a trimester “Viata Crestina” bulletin (in printed and electronic format). The parish encountered some unforeseen obstacles from the City of Los Angeles, which had delayed the building project: Details - . Web-page -


Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel Church, Palm Springs, CA

Rev. Liviu Popa, parish priest and Rev. Silviu Vasilie, retired and attached priest.

Hierarchical visits: On Good Friday, April 21, 2006 His Grace Bishop Irineu presided over the Lamentation Service (Denia Prohodului). Although the Holy Archangels parish in Palm Springs, CA, has a small number of faithful, yet, they are very active, and under the wise guidance of the parish priest, they achieve a lot of things on all levels: spiritually, socially and administratively. The parish has completed the project of building its new church, and presently awaits the consecration date from His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel.


St. Anne Church , Pomona, CA - Rev. Catalin Mitescu, Parish Priest, Rev. Andrew J Lesko, Assistant Priest, Rev. Fr. Dn Narcis Stoica, attached.

Hierarchical Visits: Hierarchical Liturgy at Saint Anne Parish in Pomona. Shepherded by Father Catalin Mitescu, PhD, with co-pastor Father Andrew Lesko, Saint Anna Orthodox Parish from Pomona Valley was honored by the presence of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, on October 29, 2005 Memorial Saturday, who pontificated the Hierarchical Liturgy, and a memorial service, followed by a community agape, thus marking the 25 th anniversary of episcopacy of our Archpastor, His Eminence Vladica Nathaniel. Web-page: The parish is working aggressively towards increasing its membership, bringing in converts and attracting new faithful from the Pomona Valley's Orthodox Community.


SS. Michael and Gabriel Church, Sacramento, CA - Rev. Florin Mihalache, Parish Priest, Rev Fr. Emil Ardelean [Deacon]. The parish, with its beautifully painted church, and the enthusiasm of its clergy and lay-leadership is continuing its growth, both numerically and spiritually. The parish is undertaking new programs for all ages, thus making the Romanian Orthodoxy in the Capital of California not only a remarkable presence but a very noticeable voice for the Orthodox community.


Project Mexico, Tijuana, Mexico. During April 4-8, 2005 His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel paid a visit to the Project Mexico Orphanage.


Holy Cross Mission, San Diego, CA - Rev Fr Adrian Manea, appointed Parish Priest, who served the mission for only 6 months, during December 1 2004 through June 2005.

Since October 2005, the mission has a new and very dedicated pastor, Rev. Fr. Iustin Capsa, who is doing his best to continuing the task of spreading the Orthodox Faith in the greater San Diego Metropolis and surrounding areas.

Hierarchical visit: Upon returning from the “Project Mexico” visit, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel stopped in San Diego, to visit, and pontificate on Saturday - April 9 and Sunday April 10, 2005 – with and for the faithful of the Romanian-American Orthodox Community in this newly established mission of Southern California. On the 2 nd Day of Pascha, April 24, 2006 His Grace Bishop Irineu officiated the Divine Liturgy for the faithful of Holy Cross Mission.


Holy Cross Church, San Jose, CA - Rev. Constantin Lapustea, Parish Priest. The retired priest Fr. Gheorghe Grigorescu, fell asleep in the Lord on 7 October 2005, and was buried on October 14, 2005. The funeral arrangements were done by Fr Constantin Lapustea, parish priest.

Building program – The building of a new church on the property the community acquired in San Jose, a few years ago, is now almost completed. On May 22, 2005, His Grace, Bishop IRINEU celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the faithful of the Holy Cross Mission. Website:




St. John The Hozevite Mission - Denver, Colorado. Established in 2004, the St. John The Hozevite Mission is sheperded by young priest, Rev Fr Gheorghe Cristian Lutas , assisted by two attached clergymen: Very Rev. Fr. Dean Constantin Tofan (chairman of ROEA's Department of Missions), and Fr. dn. Vasile Simonca, a visiting deacon from Los Angeles, California. The mission has already started a building project.


St. Dimitrie cel Nou Mission - Denver, Colorado 2006. Answering the call from some 50 people, to establish a new mission in Denver, CO, His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel called-upon a special organizational assembly for April 2, 2006. The Assembly was presided by V. Rev. Fr. Dumitru Paun, dean. The new mission received the name of St. Dimitrie Cel Nou.




Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Mission, Las Vegas, NV - Rev. Danut Palanceanu

Hierarchical visit: During the weekend of November 12-13 2005, His Eminence visited the parish of St. Mary's in Las Vegas. On Saturday, November 12, 2005, His Grace, assisted by the Dean, officiated the Baptismal Service of Fr. Danut Palanceanu's son, Daniel


The following day, Sunday November 13, 2005, His Grace pontificated the Hierarchical Liturgy for the Orthodox Faithful in Las Vegas. Under the leadership of Fr. Palanceanu, the Parish Council, a very active and enterprising team, is presently in the process of purchasing a property where a new church and social hall will be built. The number of the faithful attending the weekly services had increased considerably during 2005/2006; this growth is being driven by the new and exciting spirit of becoming a strong parish, and successfully going through building project. Web-page:




Nativity of the Lord Mission, Albuquerque, NM. The mission was established in 2003, and is presently shepherded by Rev Fr Gabriel Bulz, Parish Priest. The priest and the parish council had structured and follow year-around a schedule of parish activities: administrative, liturgical services, educational system, for both adults and youth, and a possible building project.

The Deanery is greatly appreciative to Fr. Gabriel Bulz, and the mission, who, for and on behalf of the Nativity Mission, traveled to Los Angeles, representing the mission, at the deanery's ceremonials of the 25 th anniversary of consecration to the episcopacy of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, held on October 30, 2005.




Descent of the Holy Spirit Church, Oregon City, OR - Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Vasile Muntean, the faithful of the community of “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”, since January 2002 started the building of a “Putna” replica Church in Oregon City. On Sunday December the 4, 2005, Fr. Constantin Alecse, local dean, concelebrated the Divine Liturgy with the parish priest, Fr. Muntean, and presided the special general assembly, at the request of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.

Hierarchical Visits: On Christmas Day, December 25, 2005 the parish had the honor of being visited by His Grace Bishop Irineu, who pontificated the Divine Liturgy of the Holy Nativity Feast-Day. (SOLIA, Jan/Feb.2006, No.1/2, p.19)

The building project being now completed, an all the financial details being worked-out, arrangements for the Church Consecration were in place for June 16-17, 2006 weekend. Details in the Solia.


Falling Asleep of the Ever-Virgin Mary Church, Portland, OR - Under the leadership of the young and enthusiastic parish priest, Rev. Cosmin Vint, the community was able to complete its building program, being ready for consecration on April 28-29 weekend.

On Saturday December 3, 2005, Fr. Constantin Alecse, paid a visit to the newly remodeled church, and together with Fr. Cosmin Vint, local parish priest, and Fr. Vasile Muntean, parish priest of the Descent of the Holy Spirit in Oregon City, OR, officiated the Vespers Service.

Hierarchical visit: On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2005, His Grace Bishop Irineu visited, and pontificated the Great Hierarchical Vespers Service (SOLIA, Jan/Feb.2006, p.19). On the 2 nd Day of Christmas, His Grace Bishop Irineu pontificated the Divine Liturgy with the participation of many faithful (SOLIA, Jan/Feb.2006, p.19) Web-page: ; Church Bulletin “Cuvantul Romanesc”: printed & virtual presentation.




Three Hierarchs Mission, Seattle – Rev. Ioan Catana, Parish Priest - Building program: In the last few years the parish focused on building a strong community. On March 4 2006, after the Hierarchical Liturgy pontificated by His Grace Bishop Irineu, a building fund raising banquet was held at the Community Center in Mercer Island, to raise funds and pledges for a 3 years period (2006-2008), to complete the building complex of the church started a few years ago.

Hierarchical Visitation: On the Feast-Day of St. Stephen, the parish had the honor of being visited by His Grace Bishop Irineu, for the 2 nd time during 2005, pontificating the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, on December 27, 2005.

On this occasion, as well as the previous occasions, arrangements of having the “ground-breaking” ceremonials to be officiated by June 18-20, 2006 were in place.

On behalf of the deanery, we thank Fr. Ioan Catana who had chosen to travel to Los Angeles, on Sunday October 30, 2005 to be among the brethren at the 25 th celebration of episcopacy of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel.


Monthly bulletin “Cuvantul”, available as well on the Internet.




During 2005-2006 (up to present), most of our deanery parishes and missions have been visited by our Episcopate's beloved Hierarchs (HE Archbishop Nathaniel and HG Bishop Irineu) to whom we bring our offerings of thanks and gratitude.

Finally, we wish to thank the dedicated faithful of our parishes and missions for the sacrifices they made to support their churches, and in many cases undertaking great responsibilities to build new ones.

Last, but not least, we thank the Almighty God for protecting our Episcopate and parishes, giving our Episcopate dedicated priests to fulfill their calling in God's vineyard.


The deanery has a new web-site: English - Romanian


Faithfully submitted, V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Dean

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