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OCTOBER 1, 2004

The parish office (represented by V.Rev.Fr.Constantin Alecse, Parish Priest), the Parish Council (represented by Mr. Marian Serban, President), and the Building Committee (represented by Mr. Constantin Jercan, Chairman), had convoked a special Meeting of the Building Committee, with the participation of the representatives of both: Parish Council and Ladies Auxiliary membership, for Friday Evening, October 1, 2004, at 7:00 pm, at the parish Hall of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church (address above). 


The meeting started, at 7:25 pm., with the Prayer of Invocation by Fr. Constantin Alecse.


The Meeting Convocation & Agenda were sent in the written form (1st class mail & e-mails) to all members.


The Building Committee membership attending: V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse, Mr. Marian Serban (parish council president & treasurer of the Building Committee), Mrs. Getta Jercan (Ladies Auxiliary President), Psa Elena Alecse (Fund Raising Chairperson), Mr. John Simoni (General Contractor), Mr. Mario Theodorou, Mr. Dorian Serban, Mr. Constantin Ciocan, Mr. Marian Sarbu, Mr. Ion Anton, Mr. Nicolae Rusu and Mr. Octavian Cinca.


The following presentations were made, discussed and approved:


1.      Building Project

General presentation, by V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse


a)      Present status of the Building Program (English): http://biserica.org/Publicatii/2004/NoVII/02_index.html

b)      Present status of the Building Program (Romanian): http://biserica.org/Publicatii/2004/NoVII/01_index.html

c)      Architectural drawings (plans) Package (on Internet also):


d)      Sample of proposed “ceramic/porcelain panels” for outside-church beautification (in lieu-of-painting):



2.   Building Project Development

How to proceed with the “project construction”, when plans are approved:

a)      General coordination & supervision.

After serious, prolonged discussions, and proper consideration given to the fact that the parish lacks adequate funds in order to be able to hire an outside general construction firm (which will require a set-time frame accumulation of all funds to complete the project), the Building Committee decided to entrust the whole project management to an in-house construction expert team (4 superintendents, coordinated by a “Building Committee Executive Board”, made out of 3 people: Mr. John Simoni, General Contractor Licensee, as General coordinator; Mr. Dorian Serban and Mr. Mario Theodorou, both working/having extensive expertise in the construction field), working in close cooperation with the parish priest.

As of the time of finalizing these Minutes, we are glad to learn that Fr. Constantin Alecse has invited Mr. Viorel Tonef (general contractor, Licensed owner of T.D.V. Electrical Co.), to join the Building Committee, and the “superintendents construction team”, which invitation Mr. Tonef gladly accepted, thus the process of “building recruiting crew” is presently in “progress”.


b)     Project time-line: Getting construction bids (grading, construction, etc.).

After opened discussions, the Committee (anticipating that no major corrections from the City Building Department will occur on our Church architectural plans) decided to instruct the building executive board (Mr. John Simoni, Mr. Mario Theodorou & Mr. Dorian Serban) to start “getting bids from construction firms”, even now while the plans are with the City for plan-check.  

Fr. Constantin Alecse will work with all the hired architectural and engineering firms to issue 3 full-sets of plans (already submitted, or ready to be submitted with the LA City Building Department) thus: One set to always be available at the parish office; One set to be given to Mr. John Simoni (general constructor) and; One set be given to Mr. Mario Theodorou, in order to get bids on the project, from various construction firms".


c)      Getting companies and individuals, from our Romanian community, interested in the project.

The Building Committee also discussed the possibilities of getting small companies and individuals, from our Romanian community, specialized in various trades: electric, plumbing, involved in the project, either by volunteering certain trades, and/or “bidding” on the project.


3.      Funds & Fund-Raising 

a)      Fr. Constantin Alecse also made a general presentation of the Building Project Finances, up-to-date:

                                                   i.      Church Funds – Approx. $ 700,000.00 (after paying – so far - the fees to the architects, engineers, consultants and the City Fees for plan checks)

                                                 ii.      “Moldovita” Foundation Funds -  Approx. $ 750,000.00

                                                iii.      Mr. & Mrs. Joe Oros’ Bequeath of $ 250,000.00

                                               iv.      Real Estates (Church & Moldovita Foundation)


A presentation and some discussions were also carried in regards to “ways and means” of raising funds for the building project:

b)      Short term investments (RE, etc)

c)      Community Groups solicitation (Building Project Pledge “Buy-A-Brick” program)

d)      Corporate Solicitation (New items only)

e)      Special activities (concerts, artists, programs, etc.)  

f)        Youth activities (dance group, car wash, youth get-together/DJ dance, etc.)

g)      Xmas Tree Sale (on the church parking lot)

h)      Vehicles sale/trade-car raffle - (tax deductible)


4.      The 65th Church Anniversary

Last point on the Agenda was the 65th Anniversary celebration of 6-7 November 2004 Weekend, as follows:

a.      Vespers Service (at the new property), Sat. Nov.6, at 4:00 pm (not at 5:00 as previously advertised);

                                                   i.      Cleaning the Land and setting-up (tents) for the service

                                                 ii.      Participation assurance (commitment)

                                                iii.      Rusty Pelican Dinner with HE Archbishop Nathaniel, at 7:00 pm

b.      Divine Liturgy & Ordination of Deacon (dr. Razvan Bena), Sun. Nov. 7, 2004

c.      Anniversary Banquet, at Hilton Hotel, Nov. 7, 2004

d.      Anniversary Invitation Package printed and sent-out

e.      Telephone follow-up (Mrs. Dora Serban & Mrs. Adela Cin)


An appeal from the priest: For immediate attention

a)      All members should help the parish office in its effort of collecting New Names & Addresses from the community (Mailing List extension)

b)      Establish an E-mail Address-Book of parishioners and community supporters

                                                   i.      Adults

                                                 ii.      Youth

c)      Regular contacts through e-mails with the community

d)      Parish Life: Better participation, volunteer involvement & new activities, etc.


The Meeting adjourned at about 10:30 pm with an invocation prayer by the parish priest.

Respectfully submitted,

Getta Jercan, Secretary                            Fr. Constantin Alecse

Pro-Tempore                                                                          Parish Priest


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