Our Chapel, as I always relate the message to our faithful, and visitors alike, was founded about 10 years ago, by the Orthodox Community of "The Holy Trinity Orthodox Church" (OCA) for the explicit purpose of being opened to EVERYONE INTERESTED  in Orthodoxy (the English Speaking American Faithful Community in Southern California) All colors, race and ethnicity are “Welcome!”. And, thanks be to God for the growth of our Chapel as of late.


Our English Speaking mission is becoming well known through the Internet, and the word of mouth.


We have baptized and Christmated many babies and young adults during 2004.


Father Andrew Lesko (assistant priest at St. Anne Orthodox Church in Pomona Valley) and me had Baptized and Christmated an young adult, Mr. Emad Torkzad - on May 16, who was civilly married to  Mihaela Vranceanu, a young mother-to-be Romanian Orthodox lady, who wish to live, and raise the children in the Holy Orthodox Faith.


Father Constantin Alecse and Fr. Bill Clark continued with additional Christmations this year; people of different backgrounds.


Following the Baptism and Christmation of Mr. Emad Torkzad, was the acceptance of Mr.  Robert Gomez(to the left) a former Spanish-American Catholic, into the Holy Orthodox Church (by Christmation).


The Service of Christmation took place on Saturday, April 10th, 2004. The honor of “Nasi” belonged to: Mr. And Mrs. Andreas and Brandusa Cahling (Andreas being himself a convert to the Holy Orthodox Faith, before marrying Brandusa, in Romania).


Another convert to Orthodoxy, through the Holy Christmation is Ellik (Ignatious) Huang, who became Orthodox on Sunday, August 22, 2004.


Ignatius (Ellik) Huang is a Chinese American, very much interested in the Holy Orthodox Faith. After intensive studies, Ellik was Christmated into the Holy Orthodox Faith, at Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California, by  Very Rev. Fr.Constantin Alecse, Sr. Pastor and Dean of the ROEA'S Pacific Coast Deanery, and Fr & Chaplain Bill Clark, Descent of then Holy Spirit Chapel.


Mr. Ellik Huang got acquainted to Orthodoxy by his numerous visits to the "Life Giving Spring" Orthodox Christian Book-store (Glendale, California), where he met one of our Orthodox Faithful, Miss Marcela Macarevici, and the Store's Owner Anasthasia Kalivas. There he introduced himself, as an "Christian Searcher" decided to embrace the Holy Orthodox Faith, showing interest, and asking Marcela Macarevich to introduce him to the Priest-in-charge of the "HTROC" Chapel, Rev. Fr. Bill Clark.


Mr. Ellik (Ignatious) Huang invited his fellow Chinese Americans (one Roman Catholic, 2 protestant and one orthodox) to attend our Holy Trinity Chapel's Divine Liturgy, and the Christmation Service afterwards.


The coming into the Holy Orthodox Faith of Ignatius (Ellik) Huang was also noticed by our Diocesan Newspaper (September 2004 “Solia”), as well as various forums on the Internet.


May God Grant us many additional converts like Ellik (Ignatious) Huang.


Another acceptance into the Holy Orthodox Faith made by Christmation, was the one of Mr. Frank Boyer, on Sunday October 17, 2004


Mr. Frank Boyer, a former Episcopalian, a Theological Scholar himself was searching for the “True Faith” for years.  He contacted the Holy Trinity Church on numerous occasions, and thus meeting with Fr. Bill Clark, and Fr. Alecse, for a few “theological discussion sessions”, he expressed the desire to be confirmed in the Holy Orthodox Faith. At the time of confirmation, V. Rev. Fr. Constantin Tofan, was serving at the Holy Trinity as protos, therefore the Confirmation Grace upon Mr. Boyer was bestowed  by four co-serving priests, led by the Chaplain, Fr. Bill Clark.




The English Services are held on a regular basis, every Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00.


The Liturgical Responses are offered by the whole congregation.

The Epistle readings are offered by rotation: mainly by Mr. Richard McGrath or Mr. Ignatius (Ellik) Huang, who also serve as the Holy Altar helpers.




Besides the Sacramental Life of our small community (with a special emphasis on the partaking Holy Communion on a regular basis),  the Religious Education is next in our Chapel’s “mission statement”.


Sermons are offered at the end of ALL Services.


Catechetical sessions are offered, either to individual faithful or the whole group, the themes being centered either on The Scripture, Tradition or Church History.


Sunday School Classes.  The Sunday School Classes will resume after the Holy Nativity Feast-Days. We are working closely with sub-deacon Liviu Constantinescu and Dorian and Ady Serban to compile a list of most of the parish youth, thus to be able to organize activities according to groups’ age and interests.


For the young adults, Miss Marcela Macarevici, working closely with the newly ordained deacon, Fr. deacon dr. Razvan Bena, took it upon herself and collected an e-mail address book (most of the young adults in our community), attended on her own expenses the National AROY Conference, September  3-5 2004, and hope - with the help of our clergymen - to make the LAROY once again a viable organization. It is for this reason we print a Report of the AROY’s 55th Conference, with an Appeal to ALL the youth of our parish, to please show interest, get involved, let’s work together.


SCOUTING. Our Church supports extra-church activities, led by renown organizations, like The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America, which supports more than 300 local councils that provide quality youth programs, including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Venturing.


Our “younger parishioners”, Vaughn-Paul Himber received, from the church pastor on St. Thomas Sunday, The Boy Scouts of America Certificate and St. George’s insignia, in recognition of his activities within the stated organization. 

Vaughn-Paul Himber is a partaker of the Holy Mysteries on a regular basis. Congratulations.


Occasional Services (memorials, personal prayers for all needs, confessions, etc)  are being offered after the final blessings and dismissal of faithful.


The pastors’ joy is always co-serving on many occasional services like: Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, Memorials, Blessing of Homes, Hospital visitations, etc.


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Our Church cares for everyone: Romanian, American and everyone in between, men, women and children, healthy and sick, young and old, free and incarcerated.


To fulfil this calling, on Fathers’Day (June 20, 2004), Fr. Constantin Alecse, our pastor, at the invitation of Rev. dr. Howard Green, protestant pastor at the “High Desert Sate Maximum Security Prison”, with over 5,000 jailed-men,  in Susanville, CA (some 500 miles north of Los Angeles) where he had an Orthodox Service for inmates, and visited with the 2 Romanian inmates in that prison.


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