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Basic Teachings of the Orthodox Faith, by Metropolitan Archbishop Sotirios
The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto, Canada)

Foreword to Second Printing

This Orthodox Catechism is essentially a series of talks delivered on radio and television in 1989, that is to say, before the fall of Communism. It was deemed right to publish these lessons exactly as they were delivered, although two of the examples given in them--one from Albania and another from Yugoslavia--are no longer applicable. This second printing is being issued at the request of many Christians.

Each lesson concludes with a short prayer. Please do not only read these prayers, but also live them, and send them up to Heaven with all of your soul's might, for your own blessing and for the benefit of others.

Before starting to study this book, let us cross ourselves and pray, "Christ, Who is the true light, Who enlightens and sanctifies every human, open the eyes of our minds, in order correctly to comprehend the lessons of this Catechism. Touch our hearts with Your true light, so that we may receive not only Your statutes, but also You Yourself as our Lord and our God. Come and abide with us, sanctify us, and save us.

Foreword (1991)

In terms of material goods, Canada is an earthly paradise. And it is not deficient in the spiritual field. But things are difficult for Orthodox Christians. Their numbers are small, only about two percent of the population of Canada. Their Churches are few, and they are administered according to nationality. Religion is not taught in the schools, only in the Churches and in religious education classes. Television, radio, and the press are full of non-Orthodox ideas. It is with difficulty that the clear water of Orthodoxy flows through into thirsty souls. Together with its Communities our Diocese does whatever it can. To assist our Communities, the Diocese offers our monthly newspaper, "Orthodox Way"; radio programs; our weekly television program, "Orthodox Voice"; and now the thirty-six catechetical lessons of the Bishop in English and Greek, on audio tapes, video tapes and in this booklet that you hold. It is for you and for every Christian. It is for every creature of God. You will find in it all the basic truths of Orthodoxy, which every Orthodox Christian should know and practise. Read it. Open your heart and accept the life-giving water of our faith. Quench your thirst with it. Follow Christ on earth and to eternity. God be with you.

Jesus Christ the only Catechist

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