Basic Teachings of the Orthodox Faith

Table of Contents

o        Acknowledgement (forward)

o        Introduction

o        Religion, Christianity

o        Other Religions and Christianity

o        Holy Tradition in the Orthodox Church

o        God Exists

o        What God Is

o        The Holy Trinity

o        God the Father

o        The Son Is God

o        The Holy Spirit is God

o        Attributes Of The Holy Trinity

o        The Creation Of The World

o        Creation Of The Spiritual World

o        The Creation of Man

o        Origin of Soul and the Condition of

  Primitive Man

o        Original Sin And Its Consequences

o        The Salvation of Fallen Man

o        The Incarnation of the Logos

o        The God-Man

o        Divine & Human Nature of Christ

o        The Three Offices of Christ

o        The Holy Spirit

o        Redemption

o        Divine Grace

o        Church

o        Sacraments

o        Baptism

o        Chrismation

o        Holy Eucharist

o        Holy Confession

o        Holy Priesthood

o        Matrimony

o        Holy Unction

o        Concerning Death

o        What Happens After Death

o        The Resurrection of the Dead

o        Eternal Life and Eternal Hell

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