Prayer Of Parents For Their Children


In the Name of the Father,The Son & The Holy Spirit:

O LORD, GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, Who by Thy wisdom has created man from earth and has breathed into his face the breath of life, making him a living man whose life is both temporal and eternal; and Who didst bless him and say: "Increase and multiply, fill the earth and rule over it;" and Who in Cana of Galilee through Thine Only Son, Jesus Christ, didst bless marriage and thereby the bearing of sons and daughters - with deep humility we pray to Thee: help us by Thy grace always to fulfill our duties as parents in bringing up our children well.

O Lord God of mercies, have mercy on us and on our home, and in Thy great goodness, pour out Thine abundant grace over all our children.  Have mercy, O Lord, on us and on our children whom Thou has given us.

O Greatly Merciful Lord, Who gives food to the birds of the sky and to all living things on the earth, Who watches over the flower that sprouts amidst the rocky cliffs; nourish, bring up, and protect well our children also.  Help us, O Lord, to plant in their souls what is good and useful for the Holy Church and the nation, and what is well pleasing to Thee, that Thy holy name may be exalted through them.  Fill them, O Lord, with the enlightened wisdom and holy understanding which come down from Thee. Protect them from all the snares of enemies both visible and invisible.  Command Thine Angels as always to be their enlightened guides and counselors in all good works.

We pray Thee, O Lord, to pen their minds, that they may know Thee as much as possible. Amen.


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