Individual prayers for all needs



Before and After Finishing the Lessons

Before and After Finishing the Work

Daily Confession of Sins

Evening prayers

Feast-Days Katavasias

Morning prayers

Office of Prayers for Victims of Abortion

Prayer After Meal (Lunch)

Prayer After the Meal (Breakfast)

Prayer After the Meal (Dinner)

Prayer Before Going to Sleep

Prayer Before the Meal (Breakfast)

Prayer Before the Meal (Dinner)

Prayer Before the Meal (Lunch)

Prayer During the Holy Lent

Prayer for a Woman with Child

Prayer for Enemies

Prayer for the Living

Prayer for the youth (in general)

Prayer for the youth Tempted by Drugs

Prayer in Time of Calamity

Prayer of Children for their parents

Prayer of Parents for their Children

Prayer Of Spouses For Each Other

Prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ

Prayers After Holy Communion (Long)

Prayers Before & After Communion (Short)

Prayers Before Holy Communion (Long)

Prayers Before Reading the Holy Scripture

Prayers at the beginning and after work

Psalm 103

Psalm 33

Psalm 50

Psalm 90

Psalms 19 and 20

Service of the First Hour

Service of the Sixth Hour

Service of the Third Hour

Sunday Troparia and Kontakia

Ten Commendmants

The Beatitude

Troparia and Kontakia of the Feasts

Birth of a Child
Adoption of a Child

Churching of a Mother and Child After Forty Days
Communion of the Sick
Communion Of the Sick in a Hospital
Prayer at the Blessing of Vehicles of Travel
Prayer at the Foundation of a House
Prayer for the Blessing of Homes at Theophany
Prayer for the Church School
Making of a Catechumen (Convertion)
Prayers for the Sick
Recovery Thanksgiving Prayers

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