2003/2004 Up-date on the work of the Building Committee


February 17, 2004


Your Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel,

Dear Members of the Building Committee


The following is a summary of the 2003 & part of 2004 work of the Building Committee of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles, California.


1). A detailed report was given at the Parish General Assembly  on Sunday, February 8, 2004, by chairman Constantin Jercan; same was also published on the Internet, by our Church’s  e-magazine “The Christian Life”, at the following URL address:


2). A semi-official presentation of the Building project plot-plan and schematic drawings (church, social hall, offices and school rooms, caretaker and VIP’s quarters, etc) was offered to our congregation, on Sunday, November 9, 2004, by Architect Garo Minassian, in the presence of His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, and Architect Michelle Ertzan.  Anyone could read about that summary presentation and the referred day’s activities - Construction Plans presented (9 nov. 2003) - by clicking on the link below -


3). The Building Committee Executive Board has hired the following “Technical Personnel and Companies” to take the Building Project task to completion during the next 3-5 years (Architects, Civil Engineering, Kitchen consultants & equipment Sales, Mechanical Engineering (A/C, Ventilation, Plumbing, Waste), Soils & Geological Engineering, Structural Engineering, Reprographics & Graphics Presentation, Landscaping & irrigation, etc). For details, just click on the link below:

4). The coordinates of the hired Technical Personnel & Companies during 2003/2004, could be found by clicking on the following link:


5). For those interested in the “chronological schedule” of the executive board of the Building Committee’s meetings and related activities (during 2003 and part of 2004), which led to the “hiring” of the Technical Specialists, we recommend the following link:


6). ALL drawings were sent to His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel, to review them with the Commission on Religious Art Board (Very Rev. Fr. Laurence Lazar, Chairman, and Episcopate Council’s Secretary).  After a telephone conference with His Eminence, followed by other telephone calls (with His Eminence, and V. Rev. Fr. Dean Laurence Lazar), His Eminence sent us a 9 point e-letter, stating Board’s recommendations and certain requirements for immediate changes in the architects’ drawings (ALL of them addressed to the “Moldovita” Church building itself).


7). Having further telephone inquiries and clarifications with His Eminence, the stated e-letter, received from His Eminence, the Archbishop, was forwarded at once to the Architects: Garo Minassian and Michelle Ertzan. In a telephone conversation with Architect Minassian I have underlined the strongest points His Eminence conveyed to me, and asked the Architects to work on those points, making the corrections requested by His Eminence and His Commission on Religious Art Board.


8). A meeting with the Architects (myself and Architects Minassian and Ertzan) is scheduled for next Friday (February 20, 2004) to review the Church’s corrected drawings, which then will be sent for final review and approval to His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel. I do anticipate that His Eminence will review, approve and send us back the “finals”, not later than the end of February 2004.


9). It will take another few weeks of hard, detailed and diligent professional work by our two Architects (involving  the whole team of hired professionals: Civil Engineering, Kitchen consultants, Mechanical Engineering (A/C, Ventilation, Plumbing, Waste), Soils & Geological Engineering, Structural Engineering), before we will reach the point of calling another Building Committee meeting to give the final input and sign-on the “plans”, to be submitted to the city.  I do predict however, that such a process should not go beyond the end of March 2004.


10). It is true that we have encountered a period of almost 3 months delay, from the architect’s suggested work schedule (“Submit plans for plan check – January 12, 2004), until the time when we will truly be ready to submit, but we have to also consider “the complexity” of the process, involving not only the Building Committee, the Community as a whole (informed about the work progress, Sunday February 8, 2004), the hiring of the whole architectural and consultant team specialists (Civil Engineering; Kitchen consultants; Mechanical Engineering, A/C, Ventilation, Plumbing, Waste; Soils & Geological Engineering; Structural Engineering, etc.; and – last but not least – the involvement of the  Diocese (His Eminence, the Archbishop, and the Board of the Episcopate’s Commission on Religious Art).


11). As I have just received “The Agreement for Distribution of Assets” of the MROC to ROEA, and the conditions to be met by the Holy Trinity Church to benefit such a “grant” - NOW – I have a better understanding of “what is expected from us” HTROC to accomplish with those funds (in as far as the “Moldovita” Church BUILDING is concerned).


12). As a Building Committee members WE ARE ALL entrusted with another MAJOR RESPONSIBILITY: Raising Funds to accomplish to project. And this is a very difficult task, especially when we have to raise between 3-4 million US Dollars during the next 5 years. Thus, we have established the “EAGLE” FUND-RAISING PROJECT  (“Eagle”, from the “Eagle Rock”, where the Church is located).


The 65th Anniversary of our Parish


The greatest event for our Church this year (2004), is the 65th Anniversary of our Parish, which will be celebrated at the 6-7th Weekend of November 2004. His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel will preside the festivities. YOU, ALL THE BUILDING COMMITTEE MEMBERS are cordially asked to please help us to properly organize this event. The official banquet (Sunday, November 7, 2004) will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Glendale, and I’ll greatly appreciate if you ALL mark your calendar, plan to bring your whole family, and invite others to attend. Your interest in this event will give us “the boost” we – as a community – so desperately need, at the beginning of this journey.  Later-on in the year we will contact you, and ask your help to make this milestone event in the history of this community a true success.


Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Yours in the Lord Jesus Christ,


Father Constantin Alecse



P/S – I do strongly advice to please click on the following link (complete address of: Architects, Civil Engineering, Kitchen consultants & equipment Sales, Mechanical Engineering, Soils & Geological Engineering, Structural Engineering) PRINT THIS PAGE and keep it for further reference:



To make sure there is no un-necessary delays, in case you are in need of any materials and/or information (plans, designs, etc.) we do authorize the whole “Construction team” to please, be in touch directly with one-another (by mail, phone, facsimile and/or e-mail), and provide to the requesting party all the necessary requested materials and/or information.


If there is a need of further clarification, or additional help, please contact either:


Garo V. Minassian, Architect, Inc.

140 Acari Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Tel. (310) 472-8683; Fax (310) 472-0180

Cellular: (310) 210-1350


Attn.: Mr. Garo Minassian, Architect




Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church

3315 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles, California 90065

Tel. (818) 365-4274; Fax (818) 688-3965

Cellular: (818) 388-5483


Attn.: Fr. Constantin Alecse, Parish Priest



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