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Presentation of the head-tables

65th Anniversary Banguet




Master of Ceremony Dorian Serban









Hello! My name is Dorian Serban, and as I mentioned at the beginning, at the opening prayers, I have the honor of being the Master of Ceremony at this historic event, the 65th Anniversary Celebrations of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church.


Now, it is the time when I have the pleasure of introducing our VIPs, the Honored Leaders of our Community and the invited guests.


VIPs - HEADTABLE # 2 – at the floor level. (From your left)


ü      I start with one of “the stars” of the Day:  The newly ordained deacon, Dr. Razvan Iosif Bena.

 In the Fall of 2002 dr. Iosif Razvan Bena got his PhD in Physics, at one of the most prestigious California Universities, UCSB (Santa Barbara). Ever since, he received employed as a full time lecturer at the UCLA (Los Angeles).


As a “self-taught” theologian and Church cantor, with Hierarchical Blessings, and His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel’s recommendation, dr. Bena enrolled himself at the “St Stephen’s Courses of Studies in Orthodox Theology” – Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese -, which he graduated in 2003 with an across-the-line, exceptional-grades.


After graduating from the  “St Stephen’s Courses of Studies in Orthodox Theology” – Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese -, sub-deacon dr. Iosif Razvan Bena was admitted to the “Master’s of Arts” program in “Applied Orthodox Theology”, administered jointly by the Antiochian House of Studies and University of Balamand in Lebanon.


Considering all his professional and theological achievements, counting on his uniquely devotion and dedication to the Holy Orthodox Church services, and the real need of His Service in the rank of the Holy Deaconate at the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Parish in Los Angeles, Fr. Constantin Alecse, our parish priest, and the parish council recommend sub-deacon dr. Razvan Iosif Bena to be ordained to the office of Holy Deaconate. Today, Sunday, November 7th 2004, as our parish celebrates the 65th Anniversary of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, ordained sub-deacon dr. Bena to the Holy Deaconate. Congratulation Fr. Deacon Bena, thank-you for your service, and welcome in our midst.


ü      Next: Pastor Dr. Howard Green, former Protestant Head-Chaplain (of the 5 Christian & non-Christian Chaplainces) for the over 5,000 inmates at High Desert Chapel, at the High Desert Maximum Security State Prison in Susanville, Northern California (some 500 miles north of Los Angeles).

As of the Day of the Prison’s visit, June 20, 2004, 2 of the Prisons’ inmates were either Romanians, or of Romanian origin. Dr. Howard Green invited our pastor Fr. Alecse to visit “his prison flocks” in Susanville, CA.

On Sunday, June 20, 2004 - The Father’s Day - our pastor literarily spent the Day in the High Desert State Prison in Susanville, Northern California, with Pastor dr. Howard Green. What a Day!!!. He served for, and preached to the inmates the “Love of God!” – What an unforgettable experience for our pastor!!!

Today, we are even more grateful to dr. Howard Green for the fact that, after retiring from the High Desert State Prison in Susanville, effective July 1 2004, and moving back to his Home-State Florida, had the interest, and made the financial sacrifice to come and be with us at this Celebration, as he had promised Fr. Alecse when they met on June 20, 2004. Thank-you dr. Green.


ü      Next: Mr. & Mrs. Marian Serban, and their daughter Anda. Mr. Serban is our parish council president for 2004. He is also the pro-tempore Building Committee Treasurer, helping our pastor with everything he could to move-along the building project.


His wife, Mrs. Dora Serban, is indeed Fr. Alecse’s “right-hand”, serving as secretary of the parish office, parish council, building committee, “telephone volunteer” and “translator”, whenever our pastor needs something to be translated from English to Romanian and vice-versa.

We will hear from Mr. Marian Serban shortly.


ü      Next: Fr. William John Clark and presbytera Marggie.  Fr. Clark, or Fr. Bill as he is commonly known to our members, as an assistant priest of our Church, and the pastor of the English Speaking Chapel. Recently Fr. Bill brought in a few converts to the Holy Orthodox Faith, through Baptism and/or Christmation.


ü      Next: Mrs. Sabina Popescu, the Chairperson of the 65th Church Anniversary event.  A Scholar of Law  in Romania, practicing Law Economy (economista), since the early ‘80s, when she came in America, Mrs. Popescu  became very active in our community, serving in many capacities: council member, church auditor, ladies auxiliary committee member, trustee  of the Building Committee, etc.


ü      Next: Mr. Constantin Jercan, and his wife Getta. Both valuable stead-fasting members of our Church for almost 25 years, since they came in Los Angeles. Both of them served the Church in various capacities: parish council, and Ladies Auxiliary (both being elected for many years as president of the Council and president of the ladies auxiliary, respectively). Currently, Mr. Jercan is the Chairman of the Building Committee and of the Church Building Trust Funds, while Mrs. Jercan is the president of the Ladies Auxiliary, and member of the Building Committee.


VIPs - HEADTABLE # 1 – On the riser (From your left)


ü                  We start with: The distinguished family of our Church’s civil engineering team: Erik, George &

Mary Boghossian. Mr. George Boghossian is the President of “George Boghossian & Associates” Civil Engineering Company. Our Church’s relationship with George Boghossian and Associates goes back to more than a decade ago.  In fact it goes back to the time when we purchased our property in Sunland, in 1987.  Besides the professional civil engineering services “George Boghossian & Associates” offers to our Church, Mr. Boghossian took it on himself to also serve as a “Technical Advisor” to our parish priest, offering throughout the years, and free of charge, many services that are not part of his contractual obligations.

 “I do it happily - George states - because I do it for God, and for Father Alecse, my Brother!”


ü                  Next: Mr. Joe Oros and daughter (Mary).

Since 1956 until his retirement in 1975, Mr. Joe Oros held the position of Chief Stylist of the Ford Styling Studio, which included all Ford Division cars and trucks.

There is nobody alive today who had more direct involvement with the design of the Fords of the Fifties and Sixties than Joe Oros.

Upon his retirement in 1975, Joe Oros and his devoted wife, the late Betty Oros moved to Santa Barbara, California, became very active in the Romanian-American community in Southern California, serving for a few years (1988-1991) as the chairman of the New Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church and Cultural center in Los Angeles. Mr. Oros is one of our most important and generous pillars of the Building Project of our new Church. A short and un “unofficial biography” in offered, on the banquet tables, to all the participants.


ü                  Next: Very Rev. Fr. Constantin Alecse & Preoteasa Elena.

Fr. Alecse is our Church’s pastor since 1982. Besides all his Church duties, Fr. Constantin sits in the driver’s seat of our new church Building Project. As far as Presbytera Elena, it is almost impossible to define her “job description” within the Church. She is everywhere, whenever she is needed: Office Secretary, Ladies Auxiliary, Parish Council, Building Committee, Fundraising, Kitchen…, but above them all, “she is the priest’s wife”, she is our preoteasa.


ü                  The honor of introducing His Eminence Archbishop +Nathaniel belongs to our pastor, Fr. Constantin Alecse, in a few moments.


(To the left of: His Eminence Archbishop Nathaniel)


ü      Next: Rev. Fr. Dr. Catalin Mitescu, a full-time Professor of Physics at Pomona College, Claremont, CA and the Parish Priest of St. Anne Orthodox Parish in Pomona Valley (since 1993), a former president of the Episcopate’s Spiritual Consistory and Church Tribunal.


ü                  Next: Although for blessed reasons she is not with us today, yet Mrs. Rodica Patrichi, the wife of our Church Great Benefactor, the late ing. Prof. Mihai D. Patrichi, founder of the Netorks Electronic Company had a place reserved at headtable, because, later-on our Church Council president, Mr. Marian Serban will offer, a short tribute to the Great Benefactor of the Church’s Building Project, Mr. Mihai Patrichi (some USD $ 1,000,000.00, cash and estate).


ü                  Next: Architect Michelle Ertzan – The designated “Moldovita Foundation” Architect. She has in her portfolio both Worlds: Romanian and American Architect. What a Blessing. Like George Boghossian, the Civil Engineer, Architect Michelle Ertzan is – for our Church Benefit – both: The Moldovita Foundation Representative, and Fr. Alecse’s Church Technical Adivisor and Confidant. Architect Michelle Ertzan, we wish to really thank-you very much indeed for everything you did, and will do for our Church.          


ü                  Last, but not least  Architect Garo Minassian, of Garo Minassian, Architect. No words could describe the smooth, professional and candor, the Architectural relationship between the hired architect, and Fr. Constantin Alecse (Parish Office) has developed during this time. It did not mater if Architect Garo Minassian was on vacation, Fr. Alecse dared to disturber him by e-mails, and Garo, from Lebanon, instructed his office to fully “serve” Fr. Alecse with whatever he needed. For all your kindness, Architect Garo Minassian, we thank-you.

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