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The "Christian Life" Magazine (2016 Easter edition)

The members of the editorial committee for the domain " " wish to thank and welcome you to the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church web site, in Los Angeles, California. It is our hope that you'll be able to find on this site all that you need on your quest for spiritual growth and theological knowledge.


The " " domain is the property of, and maintained by the parish office of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church, which is solely responsible for its content.

We are presenting this web page in a bi-lingual format: Romanian and English .


Along the top of the web page, one will find a variety of theological and spiritual materials separated into tabbed categories. Examples include: " About Us " (personal info, addresses, etc.), " Spiritual Life ", " Theological Compendium ", Forum and Site Map.


The local Church News ; from both the community of the Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church and from the local pan-orthodox jurisdictions, could be accessed by clicking here . Pan-Orthodox, worldwide events can be accessed by clicking on the " Pan-Orthodox Events " link, which uses various, external sources.


The forum " ROCHolyTrinity " could also be accessed from this page.

The section " site map ", and the search box (upper, left hand corner), marked by the "search" button, give the ability to search within the vast Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church website in both English and Romanian, using Google's powerful search engine.


The quarterly parish magazine " The Christian Life " is the main source of local community news, presenting meaningful articles, sermons and other materials of spiritual interest and theological themes.


In the " Orthodox Institutions " section, one could find a variety of useful information about pan-orthodox institutions worldwide, including patriarchates, authocefalous churches, dioceses and parishes, and from Romania: Orthodox Monasteries (in each separate country) as well as other orthodox resources.


In the " Public Institutions " and " Cultural Institutions " sections, one can access information on public and cultural interests: countries, governments, embassies, consulates and museums throughout the world.

Finally: Welcome, and as so inspiring a collegue priest, Fr Teofil Paraianu, says:"peace to all that come, happiness to ones that stay and blessings to all that leave"!

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