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Our church is the first Romanian Orthodox Church in California, founded in 1939.  The Church is located at:  3315 Verdugo Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90065. E-mail:  – Tel. (323) 255-8583

Our church has been around for almost 80 years and, over time, we have created an environment where everyone is welcomed to practice the Orthodox Faith, and enjoy  its Orthodox Traditions, Culture and Customs.
Before 1989, the Church used to be considered as “The Little Romania”, therefore, the Romanian-American Orthodox Community had considered in those times the need for a  new church and  facilities. The  events of 1989 have radically changed the perspectives of the community. Ever since, most of the pillars and supporters of the church of those times have passed away, new Romanian Churches were established in Greater Los Angeles,  the younger generation is not as attached to the Church, and thus less supportive financially, even though, the Holy Trinity ROC is still the Main Romanian Orthodox Church in Los Angeles. In the face of these present realities, we must continue to strengthen our foundation in order to practice our faith, and assure a future to this present Church, for the generations to come.
Therefore, in the last 5 years, the parish council has implemented multiple  upgrading and remodeling church projects: replacing the main 3 sewer systems,  repainting the big hall, installing new electrical meters and equipments, installing solar panels, etc…, so as to keep the church and its facilities functional.
Due to the high costs of the above mentioned projects and other projects we will yet undertake, we need your support. We are in need of major Church renovations and repainting in order for our church’s services to continue.
The city conducts regular inspections of the church and its facilities in order to extend the authorizations to church and facilities operate. The buildings insurance company imposes new and  stricter rules to continue offering the church insurance. The buildings are old and in need of constant reparations and upgrading. We desperately need your support in helping us cross over this financial hurdle.
 In addition to the remodeling, it is our goal to create a stronger church where our next generation can carry on our Christian faith and support our church to have it continue to serve for the next 100 years. We must all come together as a Christian community and spread our love, positivity, and strong faith, which we hope to see in our new, renovated church.
We will be able to create many more opportunities and rebuild our church into a new and improved environment with your support. Please help us reach this goal and make a difference!  Any donation is welcomed. Thank you and may God Bless!

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